Komatsu ZR77 Blasthole Drill

Sept. 20, 2021

The ZR77 Komatsu surface drill is engineered for tough rock conditions and can be configured for rotary and hammer drilling, diesel or electric power, and single- or multipass drilling.

This Komatsu-branded drill replaces the P&H 77XR.

The rack-and-pinion pulldown system reduces the maintenance time required to support the old cable or chain pulldown and the boxer style mast reduces downtime for structural inspections, according to the company.

To help reduce bit change downtime and worker risk associated with a manual changeout process, an auto-bit changer carousel helps to flex into a new hole diameter rapidly so operators can seamlessly adapt the drill pattern to reach peak fragmentation quickly. The one-touch, auto-bit operation takes five minutes.

High-precision GPS and auto-navigation capabilities allow line-of-sight teleremote operations of the Komatsu drill from up to one mile away.




Sept. 7, 2011