Hitachi EX2000-7 Mining Excavator

Sept. 16, 2021

The EX2000-7 Hitachi excavator is a 1,000-horsepower unit intended for mining operations. As a shovel, its operating weight is 427,697 pounds; 429,019 pounds in an excavator configuration.

Maximum dig reach is 44 feet 3 inches and 50 feet 2 inches, respectively. Maximum dig depth is 14 feet 4 inches and 26 feet 6 inches.

A Cummins QST30-C engine cuts fuel consumption compared to the predecessor. Main pump electronic regulators, high hydraulic efficiency regeneration, and a cooling package work together as sustainability technologies that help reduce fuel consumption by up to 20 percent compared to the EX1900-6 excavator.

The hydraulic system conserves energy as each individual control valve is closely adjusted to direct the exact required amount of pressure to each cylinder and swing motor from the pumps. The result is lower fuel consumption and improved pump life.

A larger hydraulic oil cooler with variable speed fan also helps reduce energy demand and creates a more reliable hydraulic system. The oil cooler is kept separate from the radiator to effectively reduce hydraulic oil temperatures, increase hydraulic service life, and improve maintainability.

The EX2000-7 excavator has a larger 12-cubic-meter bucket compared to  the EX1900-6. Hydraulic pumps optimized with electronic regulation also help increase efficiency.

A new auto-lubrication system comes with a 200-liter grease tank, new grease pump, in-line grease filter with breather, grease level indicator in cab, and provision for fitment of a second grease pump in the lubrication tank.

Hitachi EX2000-7 Specifications

  • Operating weight, shovel / excavator: 427,697 / 429,019 lb.
  • Power: 1,000 hp
  • Engine: Cummins QST30-C
  • Max dig depth, shovel / excavator: 14 ft. 4 in. / 26 ft. 6 in.
  • Max dig reach, shovel / excavator: 44 ft. 3 in. / 50 ft. 2 in.