Komatsu D39i-24 Crawler Dozer

May 25, 2021

Komatsu D39i-24 dozer is the company’s smallest intelligent crawler dozer and has intelligent Machine Control (iMC 2.0).

The 105-horsepower Komatsu dozer comes in two models: D39EXi and D39PXi. Operating weights are 21,848 and 22,774 pounds, respectively, with blade capacities ranging from 2.89 to 3.14 cubic yards.

3D design data can be programmed directly into the dozer and will guide the operator through automatic dozing.

Next generation Komatsu grade control

  • With proactive dozing control, the dozer measures the terrain it tracks over and uses that data to plan the next pass. Productivity can improve by up to 60 percent compared to the previous generation, according to Komatsu.
  • Tilt steering control automatically tilts the blade to maintain straight travel during rough dozing, reducing operator steering input by up to 80 percent.
  • Lift layer control puts in repeated consistent lifts, reducing or eliminating the need to rework for over compaction or under compaction.
  • Operators can create a temporary design surface with the press of a button with quick surface creation. Combined with other iMC 2.0 functions, crews can begin stripping or spreading using automated input while waiting for the finish grade model.

Komatsu D39i-24 Specs

  • Power: 105 horsepower
  • Operating weight, D39EXi / D39PXi: 21,848 / 22,774 pounds
  • Blade capacities: 2.89 – 3.14 cubic yards




Sept. 7, 2011