ASV VS-75, RS-75 Skid Steers

May 13, 2021

ASV expands its MAX-Series lineup with the addition of the vertical-lift VS-75 and radial-lift RS-75 skid steers

The radial-lift, 75-horsepower RS-75 includes a 2,600-pound rated operating capacity and a 5,845-pound breakout force. The vertical-lift VS-75 features a 5,920-pound breakout force and a 3,500-pound-rated operating capacity for its 75 horsepower. Both models offer 10.5 inches of ground clearance. In addition, the chassis also has a 24-degree departure angle.

Swing-out door and cooling systems provide access to filters and other daily checkpoints for easy maintenance.

The machines offer 360-degree visibility and standard LED lighting, optional side lighting, and a frameless door providing a floor-to-ceiling glass area—52 percent more glass compared to previous ASV models. An optional, fully suspended seat features adjustable four-way controls and arm rests, recline, slide, and weight. Additionally, a one-sided lap bar makes entry and exit easier. The cab also includes up to 2 more inches width at the shoulders, 8 inches wider at the knees, and up to 4.5 inches more foot room.

An optional pressurized cab improves seal helps repel noise, dust, debris, and outside temperatures. An updated HVAC system also allows for better overall circulation and defrosting capabilities within the cab.

The machine’s 7-inch touch-screen display includes monitoring tools, backup camera, and integrates with service history and schedules. Job management features such as passcode operator lockout, idle time tracking, and more are also available. A new dual throttle allows operation at a set RPM with the joystick controls and the ability to increase the RPM with the foot throttle. 

The machines include a skid-steer roof escape hatch, allowing operators to quickly exit through the roof in emergency situations. ASV also offers options for increased protection including side screens, reinforced polycarbonate door, level 2 FOPS, and light guards.

ASV Skid Steer Specs


  • Operating Weight: 8,910 pounds
  • Rated Operating Capacity: 3,500 pounds
  • Engine: 74.2 horsepower


  • Operating Weight: 7,595 pounds
  • Rated Operating Capacity: 2,600 pounds
  • Engine: 74.2 horsepower