Attachments Gallery: Compact Wheel Loaders

Sept. 28, 2010


The Grabtec GC-Series grapple buckets are designed for larger compact wheel loaders and feature a "Quick On-Off" system that allows the bucket to be used with or without the grapple. All pivot pins in the grapple incorporate no-maintenance bushings and wiper seals, and the pins are tapered for easy installation. The hook and retaining pins that mate with the machine's coupler are chrome-plated to resist corrosion. The bucket also can be fitted with a "quick-attach" system that requires a custom mounting kit be welded to the back of the bucket.


The ACS extendible Jib Boom (right) is designed for handling pipe and manholes. The boom features two-piece tubular construction (three section is an option) and can be extended to multiple lengths. The ACS Construction Duty Fork features an open-frame design (to enhance visibility), forged and heat-treated tines that can be adjusted to the appropriate width. Both the boom and the fork are available in either pin-on or coupler-equipped configurations.


For use with a universal coupler, the Bobcat SG30 stump grinder, with a 36-inch width, is designed for use in limited-access areas. A larger model, the SG60, features a 32-inch cutting height and a 58-inch reach — capabilities that allow an entire stump to be processed without repositioning the machine. Mounting the stump grinder at a 90-degree angle to the cab provides a wide view of the cutting area, while rubber deflecting shield and screening provide operator protection.


The Sweepster WLA Parallel Linkage Angle brooms are designed for larger compact wheel loaders and are available in 10- and 12-foot models. The 36-inch-diameter brush is driven by dual motors to yield high-torque operation, and according to the manufacturer, parallel-arm brush suspension allows the brush to conform to ground contours independent of the loader. The broom can be angled hydraulically via a 24-volt electric valve and control box, and a turnbuckle-style adjuster controls the brush pattern.

CE Attachments

The EDGE Brush Root Grapples feature independently operating grapples to handle uneven loads, and the tines are designed to slide under awkward loads. The open floor of the grapple allows dirt and small debris to fall through, while retaining larger material. The grapple uses hardened pins, cushioned cylinders and guards for cylinders and hoses.

National Attachments

The REMU screening bucket, says National Attachments, allows loading and screening to be done simultaneously with one wheel loader. The good screening characteristics of the REMU bucket, says the supplier, is the result of a special rounded blade design that repels large objects instead of attempting to crush them. Using different blade types and adjustments, various types of material can be screened more effectively to suit the application. Six models are available for wheel loaders.