Heavy Attachments: 37 Tools for the Task

Sept. 28, 2010

Trench with a Skid-Steer

FFC Attachments' Mini-Hoe provides 5½ feet of digging depth with a skid-steer loader. It is available with 12-, 18- and 24-inch buckets. A 3- by 16-inch cylinder provides increased breakout force. The hoe mounts easily on all major skid-steer-loader brands.

Compact, Backfill from the Cab

MBW's padded drum vibratory roller for skid-steers has an integral knockdown blade to allow uniform lift depth of backfill. The operator can therefore do backfill leveling and compaction functions from the cab. Tool mass, amplitude and centrifugal force is optimized, according to the company. Frame components benefit from isolation of vibration produced within the drum assembly. The exciter assembly is lubricated by a low-maintenance oil mist system, and the hydraulic system allows only the proper amount of oil to flow to the exciter drive motor. The balance is diverted to the tank, which prevents overspeeding of the drive motor and premature failure of exciter bearings, the company says.

Rip with Full Breakout Force

Ripper-Rake from Leading Edge can be used for a wide range of tough material applications. Staggered tine tips break up hard ground in sequential order, the company says, so maximum breakout force is applied sequentially to each tine. It's for use on excavators or backhoes from 11,000 to 100,000 pounds.

Easy-to-Change Bristles

SweepEx MegaPlus broom attachments from TrynEx International are available in skid-steer, forklift and three-point-hitch sweeper configurations. The skid-steer sweeper comes standard with a hydraulic-angle mechanism and edge marker kit. The forklift and three-point-hitch sweepers also come with edge markers; the hydraulic angle is optional. All sweeper attachments have eleven brush rows and a 72-inch working width. All broom components—including bristles—feature a 2-year warranty.

Triple-Edge Snowplow

Hiniker's HDX line of extreme-duty snowplows for 4×4 pickup trucks features a polyethylene moldboard to keep friction minimal and provides a corrosion-free plowing surface. A split triple-edge with a 9-inch-high pivot point provides protection from curbs and parking barriers. Two models are available: the conventional power-angling design, and the C-Plow (shown). For the C-Plow, the upper two-thirds of the moldboard fold over 180 degrees to create a rear-facing backdrag plow. The top of the moldboard then becomes the ground contact point, with a second top-mounted cutting edge for rearward scraping action.

180 Degrees of Bucket Swing

PowerTilt hydraulic swing attachment from Helac gives backhoes and excavators up to 90-degree left or right bucket swing capability. It pin mounts to the dipperstick, and its compact configuration has no cylinder rods or other external moving parts. It can be furnished with either a hook-style mechanical quick coupler that uses OEM pin-on buckets or a universal coupler option that uses quick-hitch-style buckets. The unit can also be combined with most hydraulic quick-couplers. It is available in eight models for machines up to 75,000 pounds.

Concrete on the Go

Bobcat's concrete mixer allows users to mix, transport and dump concrete more quickly than a stand-alone mixer and wheelbarrow. With a batch capacity of 1/5 yard, the mixer drum rotates in either direction for optimal performance. Remote Attachment Control lets the operator mix concrete safely from the loader, eliminating the need for a second person on the job. The drum is made of 3/16-inch steel, with mixing fins of ¼-inch reinforced steel. The mixer is only approved for use on Bobcat machines equipped with the company's Interlock Control System and a Remote Attachment Control harness.

Dozing Slopes

The slopeboard from Mountain West Attachments mounts on either side of a dozer blade. To use, the operator sets the slopeboard to the desired angle and begins to trim and cut along the grade. The accumulating material rolls off the board to the dozer blade as the cut progresses. The unit operates with fingertip hydraulic controls. When not in use, it folds out of the way to a true vertical position. Boards range from 6 to 8 feet. Optional 2- or 4-foot bolt-on extensions are available.

Pulverize Asphalt

Asphalt Zipper AZ-300 is newly designed for smaller backhoes. A 100-hp turbo-diesel engine with a Fairfield Torque Hub puts maximum power at the cutter head. The unit is for full-depth reclamation, trenching, patching or other asphalt-removal jobs. According to the company, the attachment will pulverize asphalt at 3,000 square feet per hour for as little as 5 to 10 cents per square foot.

Grip Walls Of Any Width

KL 24000 expanded lifter from Kenco is designed to lift custom-wide barrier walls. It comes in both semi- and fully automatic models. Lifters come equipped with grease fittings for long life.

One-Tool Land Improvement

The Eliminator grading rake from Loegering enables skid-steer loaders to prepare all types of soil conditions and works well in small, tight areas. It is available with either 12- or 13-inch scarifying teeth, and grading teeth create the final grade. The attachment allows a skid-steer operator to start on an uncleared lot and bring it to finished seedbed. The rake comes in four sizes: 42, 48, 72 and 84 inches. 

Excavate with the Skeleton Bucket

AIM Attachment's Skeleton Rock Bucket for excavators features drain holes that screen out dirt and small particles while excavating. The bucket is constructed of AR400 steel, which is stronger than the T-1 steel commonly used in the attachment industry, according to the company. D-rings are included as a standard feature.

Crush, Shear And Crack

Allied-Gator has added two sizes to its MT Series Multi-Tool line for customers with excavators weighing approximately 20,000 to 45,000 pounds. With MT Series attachments, excavators can function as both a concrete processor and a shear, thanks to interchangeable jaw sets. The attachments come standard with a heavy-duty, 360-degree rotator. Cycle time is under 10 seconds, according to the company.

Three Interchangeable Jaws

For carriers from 17 to 66 tons, Tramac's DA Series of Demolition Processors consists of three models: the DA-370, DA-450 and DA-550. Each model features a choice of the MB Demolition jaw, MS Steel Shear jaw and MC Concrete Cracker jaw (pictured). The MB Demolition jaw cuts rebar in two perpendicular directions simultaneously, which allows material to be immediately transferred to a recycling center. Cutting force at the throat ranges from 210 to 695 tons, depending on the model. Jaw openings range from 23.6 to 37 inches for MB jaws, 16 to 28 inches for MS jaws, and 25.5 to 51 inches for MC jaws.

Compact Dirt, Drive Posts

New to Hudco's line of seven vibratory plate compactors, the HD12 for large backhoe-loaders and mini-excavators is ideal for use in compacting trenches up to 12 inches wide. The attachment can also be used to drive wood, steel sheeting, posts and beams. Custom fitting eliminates the need for additional loose pins and bushings. Extended base plates, swivel tops, hydraulic valves and complete hydraulic installation kits are designed to fit each user's machine. A bypass check valve protects the hydraulic motor.

Move Debris, Leave the Dirt

EDGE brush/root rake from CEAttachments has heavy-duty tines that penetrate the ground or dig into piles of bulldozed trees and stumps. Two cylinders provide clamping pressure to handle the loads. Users can remove brush, logs and other debris while leaving the dirt behind. Replaceable weld-on teeth and few moving parts make the attachment low-maintenance. Designed for skid-steers, the rake comes in 62- and 77-inch widths.

Pickup Becomes a Tool Carrier

The Construction Carry All (CCA) from Paul Wever Construction Equipment converts a pickup truck into a tool carrier. It attaches to everything from half-ton pickups to heavy-duty trucks, tractors to skid-steer loaders—either towed behind or attached to a heavy-duty front bumper and pushed in front. The CCA's attachment arms feature a three-point hitch or skid-steer universal coupler plate that allows you to use your existing attachments. A hydraulic power pack is available that can be driven by the vehicle's 12-volt electrical system, and functions are activated by a remote control. Attachments include a ½-cubic-yard loader, dozer blade, road drag, box scraper and dump box.

Mini-Skid-Steer Attachments

McLaughlin's earth-boring line includes three new models: a backfill attachment, Landscape Rake, and M4500MS earth drill. Available in a 43-inch width, the backfill attachment works on trenches up to 6 feet deep in one pass. The Landscape Rake prepares surfaces to a depth of 1½ inches and features replaceable tines. The horizontal earth drill is powered by a 100-rpm at 9-gpm hydraulic motor. It produces clean, compacted cavities from 1¼ to 4½ inches in diameter.

Rake with a Skid-Steer

York Rakes' Model SSF for skid-steer loaders may be set to push or pull. It may also be angled to discharge material to the left or right. With five working positions, it can handle most landscaping or maintenance jobs. Choose from 7-, 8- or 9-foot raking widths. The full floating skid-steer frame is supplied. Optional caster wheels, grader blades, end boots, and hydraulic angles are available.

Dig in Tight Spaces

Lackender Fabrication's Hydra-Swing attachment for skid-steer loaders works as a backhoe. Attach it in place of the bucket, plug in the auxiliary hydraulics, and then hook up the wires to a power source. The attachment digs up to 7 feet deep. To dig along foundations, pull two pins and move the boom to the side. Add the bucket of choice.

Forks for Multipurpose Buckets

CTI's MP60 forks are designed for use on multipurpose buckets, using the clam mechanism to hold the forks securely in place so they don't swing or shift. Four-in-one bucket forks require no welding or screws, so they are easy-on/easy-off. Features include 48-inch tines and 6,000-pound lift capacity specifically for backhoe-loaders in the 1.3-yard range. An 8,000-pound version with 60-inch tines is available by special order.

Severe-Duty Quick Coupler

New Auto-coupler allows attachment changeover in seconds. Built for severe-duty breaker applications, it has an adjustable design that fits a variety of OEM excavator attachments. It features a patented Shur-Loc safety mechanism that eliminates the need for a manual locking pin.

Cut Trench in Hard Surfaces

Caterpillar's SW45 and SW60 wheel saws convert the company's skid-steers into trench cutters for applications such as asphalt, reinforced concrete or rocky or frozen ground. Optional concrete bits aid aggressive milling applications. Maximum cutting depth for the SW45 is 18 inches with widths of 3, 6 and 8 inches. SW60 provides 24 inches at widths of 6 or 8 inches. Each saw except the smallest has a trench-cleaning blade, which is controlled from the cab. Spoil can be directed to both sides or to a single side by fitting blanking plates. Wide deflector plates move spoil away from the loader path.

Interchangeable Grapples

Allied Construction Products' ABG Series box grapple is for use in demolition, general purpose, trash, waste and other material-handling applications. The Series is for use on carriers from 30,000 to 140,000 pounds. Interchangeable pins, bushings and case-hardened keywayed bosses provide complete excavator interchangeability from machine to machine in the same weight class. Uniformly sized tips create a large, flat surface when fully closed, which can be used to compact loads in haul trucks.

Sort, Sift Materials

The bucket/rake grapple from ACS Industries is a two-in-one attachment. It sorts and sifts materials for processing operations and debris removal. The grapple is operated using the host machine's third function operation and can contain significantly more material than a standard bucket or rake, the company says.

Compact in Tight Spots

The SK series diamond compaction wheel from American Compaction Equipment is for use in tight-quarter areas. Available in widths from 4 to 60 inches, the wheel will fit both the front and hoe-mounted skid-steer. Features include triple-seal bearings and bolt-on mounting plates.

Clean Drilling

General Equipment's 671 Dig-R-Tach Series 16 earth-drilling attachment connects to skid-steer loaders, knuckleboom cranes and small excavators and backhoe-loaders with a dipper-stick mounting bracket. By balancing flow volumes in proportion to auger diameters, the attachment creates a clean hole with a minimal amount of loose soil. It features a 5- to 20-gpm flow range. To protect auger drive-shaft wear, the Dig-R-Tach has a 2-inch hexagon auger-drive system. A round auger-drive system is also available. Users can add full-flighted auger extensions for additional drilling depth.

Flexible Sweeping

Sweepster's Model BDC Big Dawg features a bi-directional motor for over-the-brush or dustpan-type sweeping. For systems up to 25 gpm and 3,500 psi, the sweeper requires only one motor on all sizes. A sight gauge provides the operator with an accurate sweeping position, and with the quick-change core, removal of hydraulic lines is unnecessary. Widths range from 62 to 84 inches.

Demolish Concrete Structures

The Lemac Demolition Processor combines a twin-cylinder design with a unique jaw configuration for quick processing of reinforced concrete structures, the company says. An exclusive single piercing tooth on one jaw concentrates the crushing force into one intense point. It incorporates a standard 360-degree powered rotation with a heavy-duty turntable bearing that facilitates positioning for vertical, horizontal or angled structures. It is available for use on excavators from 16 to 80 metric tons.

Lumber-Lugging Grapples

Heavy-duty grapple rakes from Fleco have independent dual arms for safe carrying of uneven loads. For use on loaders and backhoes, rakes sort, salvage and load logs and timber products. Tines are designed to maximize reach for excellent piling capabilities. They are available with a 1-year/2,000-hour warranty.

Slash Trees, Mulch

Roto-Tree Slasher 1040 from Construction Technology is powered by a self-contained, C-15 525-hp Caterpillar engine. It has a cutting width of 10 feet and can mulch depths up to 6 inches while slashing trees up to 20 inches in diameter in rocky soil. The slasher attaches to a Cat D-6 or equivalent crawler dozer.

Extend Excavator Reach

The Add-A-Stick from L&G Products extends excavator reach and digging depth from 8 to 26 feet. With the attachment, the excavator retains a true excavator-digging configuration. It is easy to mount and detach, according to the company. An auxiliary-valve option allows operators to use a third "live" section in a knuckleboom fashion for applications where space is limited.

Cut and Mulch

The Loftness/US Attachments Timber Ax features reverse rotor rotation, which lifts material off the ground to improve cutting and mulching action, reduces horsepower requirements and minimizes knife wear. A new rotor design features replaceable sharpened blades and requires less horsepower than other cutting tools, according to the company. The attachment can cut trees up to 6 inches in diameter with only 40 horsepower.

Trencher Digs in Various Soil Conditions

Ditch Witch manufactures a trenching attachment for its SK500 walk-behind mini-skid-steer. The trencher is used for digging trenches in various soil conditions, and a selection of digging chains is available. An offset wide trencher digs up to 4 feet deep and up to 12 inches wide. It offsets for digging footings, etc. Dual augers and trench cleaner are offered.

Versatile Coupler System

Imac's PowerWedge quick-coupler system is made for hydraulic excavators. Designed for safety, it nearly maintains OEM geometry, the company says, for maximum breakout force and efficiency. It enables users to exchange attachments between all brands of machines in the same size range, according to the company. Manual and hydraulic versions are available. Imac attachments feature PowerWedge luggings, and conversion kits can make other brands of attachments compatible with the system.

Adjustable Rigid Thumb

Geith's Auto Klamp heavy-duty rigid thumb includes four-point adjustment for a range of working angles. It has an automatic foldaway stay arm, and the unit can be folded away by just one person in seconds, according to the company.

Inserting Dowel Pins