KOBELCO ED150 Blade Runner

Sept. 28, 2010

Editors note: KOBELCO no longer markets this machine, but models are available on the resale market. Comparable excavators in the KOBELCO lineup are the ED160BR-7 Blade Runner and SK140SRLC-7 Offset Boom excavators.

The KOBELCO ED160BR-7 excavator is a 37,000-pound unit powered by a 105-horsepower diesel engine. Maximum digging depth is 19 feet, and digging reach is 28 feet 11 inches.

The SK140SRLC-7 excavator weighs 33,700 pounds with a 105.4-horsepower engine. It digs to 17 feet 2 inches with a reach of 25 feet 9 inches.

With an operating weight of 35,720 pounds, the short-radius KOBELCO ED150 Blade Runner crawler excavator combines two tools in one—an excavator and dozer.

Tailswing with counterweight only extends past the width of the tracks on the KOBELCO excavator; 5.1 inches when the upper frame is rotated through a complete swing arc.

The six-way PAT blade has a 2.86-cubic-yard capacity and is 10 feet 8 inches wide.

The ED150 KOBELCO excavator offers smooth, progressive control with its Intelligent Total Control System (ITCS). KOBELCO’s exclusive Integrated INDR (Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction) system achieves a breakthrough in low operating noise and efficient systems cooling.

KOBELCO ED150 Blade Runner Specs

  • Operating weight: 35,720 lb.
  • Maximum digging depth: 19' 2"
  • Digging reach: 28' 9"
  • Power: 94 hp @ 2,000 rpm