Komatsu Autonomous FrontRunner Truck Deployments Surpass 700

March 20, 2024
Komatsu has deployed AHS at 23 mine sites in five countries.

Komatsu has deployed more than 700 FrontRunner Autonomous Haulage Systems (AHS), including over 100 units of the 980E-AT, an ultra-class dump truck capable of carrying 400 tons.

The 700th AHS truck was deployed at Glencore's Lomas Bayas copper mine in Chile, which introduced Komatsu AHS for the first time in November 2023. The company began the AHS trial in 2005 and achieved its first commercial AHS deployment in January 2008. Since then, Komatsu has deployed AHS at 23 mine sites in five countries, with AHS trucks hauling seven and half billion metric tons of materials by the end of February 2024.

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“We express our gratitude to Glencore‘s invaluable partnership spirit, which leads successful AHS deployment at Lomas Bayas copper mine. FrontRunner is bringing safer, more reliable and consistent mine operations." said Masayuki Moriyama, president of Komatsu’s mining business division.

Source: Komatsu

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