ADT Training Simulator Added

Nov. 14, 2022
Replicates machine stability and engine behavior

CM Labs Simulations has released an Articulated Dump Truck Simulator Training Pack, “accurately replicates machine stability and engine behavior,” according to the company. Training also helps users address issues such as safety, sustainability, and equipment maintenance.

Operation of an ADT requires familiarity with worksite team activities and strong driving skills, according to the company, which says its Simulator Training Pack offers a safe, effective, and comprehensive alternative for initial training while mitigating the increased fuel costs and wear and tear that typically result from inexperienced handling.

The ADT Training Pack’s progressive learning exercises gradually build skill and confidence. Trainees work on skills such as basic controls familiarization, driving on slope, loading and loading trailer, shared task training, as well as side and back loading. Performance metrics tracked during training exercises include safety violations, such as collisions, electric cable contact, tipping or cabin flip, or unsafe parking, cycle times, and operational efficiency.

“While driving an ADT may seem straightforward, it is the team-based communication skills that make an expert operator most effective,” said Alan Limoges, product manager, in a prepared statement. “To that end, we have included a number of exercises that focus on team collaboration.”

Trainees work on shared tasks with automated equipment drivers, and there is an optional add-on module for simultaneous tandem crew training with CM Labs’ Excavator Simulator.

Applying CM Labs’ proprietary Smart Training Technology, the simulator accurately replicates machine behavior—providing real-world training opportunities to help reduce the risk of accidents. Users gain an understanding of braking strength and distance, blind spots, gear shifting, engine response under heavy loads, wheel deformation on rough ground, and rolling stability when driving. True replicated vehicle vibration, material pilling, alarms, and other job site sounds ensure important audio cues for safe operation and task completion.

The ADT Training Pack is compatible with all of CM Labs’ Vortex Simulators, including the desktop Vortex Edge Plus, the motion-enabled Vortex Edge Max, and the high-immersion Vortex Advantage.

Source: CM Labs