Hyundai to Develop Hydrogen-Powered Eqpt.

Feb. 27, 2020

Hyundai CE has partnered with Hyundai Motor Group to produce excavators and forklifts powered by hydrogen fuel cells, according to Aju Business Daily. Hyundai Motor and its parts-making wing, Hyundai Mobis, signed a memorandum of  understanding Tuesday with Hyundai CE. 

The three companies agreed to produce the prototype of hydrogen fuel cell forklifts by the end of the year and hydrogen fuel cell excavators in 2021. They aim to release commercial products in 2023 after undergoing empirical tests.

According to Korea Bizwire, Hyundai Motor will be responsible for designing the hydrogen battery system for the construction vehicles, carrying out performance tests, and quality checks on the machines. Hyundai CE will design the new forklifts and excavators, and conduct comprehensive assessments on the new vehicles. 

Source: Korea Bizwire & Aju Business Daily