Volvo CE and SDLG to Consolidate Excavator Product Line

May 28, 2019

Volvo CE and SDLG announced that all excavators made for the Chinese market with be consolidated into one product line, branded Volvo. The move covers excavators from 15 tons on up and will take effect in December 2020.

Volvo and SDLG have been manufacturing and selling separate excavator product lines in China since Volvo acquired 70 percent of SDLG in 2007. According to Volvo sales have grown from approximately $314 million to $1.8 billion.

“Bringing our larger excavator businesses in China together will maximize our ability to serve customers in China,” Melker Jernberg, president of Volvo, said in a press release. “SDLG has been a great success since we began our cooperation in 2007. With sales of both brands growing and our cooperation getting ever closer over the years, this is a natural next step for us.”

Source: Volvo CE