Komatsu Shows Big Haul Road Motor Grader

Dec. 8, 2023
The 426-horsepower unit promises beefed-up performance.

Komatsu recently offered journalists a peek at its new motor grader for haul roads used by truck fleets 100 tons and higher.

The Komatsu 426-horsepower GD955-7 grader features an 18-foot moldboard (with 20 feet as an option) and a new circle bearing that eliminates the need for circle guide and wear plate adjustments, reducing downtime for maintenance.

It also has a long wheelbase and high operating weight of 104,323 pounds, increasing its blade-down force pressure for penetrating hard-packed road surfaces by up to 20%, the company says.

"The grader can execute tight U-turns on a standard 100-ton-class haul road without the need to fully cut the wheels or course correct," says Sebastian Witkowski, product manager, Komatsu mining support equipment.

Performance-wise, the GD955-7 has notable increases over its predecessor, including 32% higher engine output for up to 19% higher working travel speeds; a 33% increase in productivity with the 18-foot moldboard; and a 21% reduction in total maintenance time with the circle bearing system.

The grader is scheduled to be available this quarter, according to Witkowski.


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