Large Rigid Frame Wheel Loaders of the 1950s

July 3, 2024
Before articulation, rigid-frame loaders included a few large-capacity models.

Several companies manufactured wheel loaders during the 1950s when the technology was being established. Mixermobile Manufacturers introduced the first articulated frame wheel loaders, its LD5 and LD10 models, in 1955, but the concept didn’t really take off until Euclid’s line was introduced in 1959. Once it did, it became the standard design for these machines. Within a few years, loaders of 10-cubic-yard capacity and larger were coming into widespread use in heavy earthmoving applications.

But before articulation took off, wheel loaders were built on rigid, nonarticulating frames. Although a number of companies built rigid- or straight-frame loaders, only a handful produced machines that were of especially noteworthy size. Let’s look at the most popular.

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