Terramac 360-Degree Rotating RT7R Crawler Carrier

March 6, 2020

Terramac calls its new RT7R crawler carrier “the company’s most compact rotating unit.” The RT7R is a solution for jobs that are in tight spaces, but don’t require the payload of a larger unit, says the company, plus the RT7R can be loaded onto a tag trailer and hauled by line trucks from job site to job site.

The RT7R’s upper frame rotates a full 360-degrees degrees, and the unit can carry and dump up to 14,000 pounds of material, in any position, even while driving. This capability, says Terramac, allows the RT7R to off-load material faster than a standard straight-frame crawler carrier, because the tracks need not be counter-rotated for positioning.

The new model is designed with a compact footprint (17 feet 3 inches x 8 feet 1 inch) and can travel at speeds to 6.7 mph. The 24,080-pound RT7R uses a 165-horsepower Cummins B4.5 Performance Series Tier 4-Final/EU Stage V engine. The new model’s high-flotation tracks yield a fully loaded-machine ground pressure of 5.5 psi. Terramac also offers a heavy-duty rock bed for the RT7R.

The new model features a standard rollover protective structure (ROPS) and a falling object protective structure (FOPS), as well as a wide access door for ease of entry and exit and windows on all sides for increased visibility. In addition, multiple access points are provided for fluid/filter checks. Track wear is also significantly with the RT7R, says Terramac, given that the unit need not counter-rotate the tracks to position for dumping.