Overshot Crawler Loader

May 26, 2020

The compact track loader is a machine without any direct roots in early machine technology. In the mid-20th century, another type of track loader filled its niche of being able to dig and load within a confined area.

As crawler tractors were perfected for construction and mining applications, they evolved from mere prime movers to tool handlers. Attachments offered included dozers, loaders, shovels, cranes, sidebooms, and more.

On a conventional crawler loader, the bucket is forced into the bank to load, then the tractor backs away and turns to trundle off to wherever it will dump the load. In some circumstances, there was no room to maneuver like this, and in others the movement was inefficient or caused spillage. The overshot loader was developed to solve these problems.

An overshot loader loads at one end of the tractor and dumps to the other by passing the bucket overhead. Most of these machines loaded in front and pulled the bucket up and over to dump in back. An attachment built for some Cletrac tractors loaded in back and swung the bucket over the top on a stiff boom to dump in front.

Most makes of overshot loader attachments were designed for light-duty excavation or such specialized work as scooping up sugar beets and dumping them into railroad cars. But Eimco of Salt Lake City, Utah, took the concept to its logical conclusion with two models of exceptionally robust loaders that were designed for steel mills, hard rock tunneling, and other extremely demanding applications.

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