Develon expands dozer lineup with DD130 crawler dozer

Sept. 12, 2023
Develon DD130 is a 146-horsepower dozer.

The second in the lineup of Develon crawler dozers, the 135.8-horsepower DD130 dozer has an operating weight of 31,747 pounds.

The Develon DD130 has a six-way power-tilt angle blade. A two-way mechanical adjustment allows operators to adjust the blade pitch from 52 to 58 degrees to control how steeply it bites into the ground.

The oscillating serrated track system follows the terrain and enables more precise blade control. A blade float function is available for smooth back grading, allowing the blade to move up and down following the contours of the ground. A blade shake button helps operators quickly remove materials stuck to the blade without leaving the cab.

The DD130 crawler dozer also features a reduced-wear undercarriage link design. Single- and dual-flange rollers help maintain a reliable track system while reducing wear to increase expected component life.

Visibility is enhanced by the narrow design of the dozer’s front engine compartment. An in-line precleaner is placed under the hood to provide the operator with a less obstructed view of the dozer blade, and the electronic cooling system is at the back of the dozer. The cab’s low-profile front pillars provide maximum glass area, and all-glass doors provide a full view of the working environment.

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A rearview camera is standard, and the full-color, 8-inch Smart Touch display shows the rearview camera view. Also standard are four high-illumination LED lights, two in front and two in back, to enhance visibility when working in low-light conditions.

What technology is on the Develon DD130?

A 2D grading system is available as an option. The operator programs the needed inputs, and the machine controls blade functions. The grading system does not require GPS or lasers.

Electrohydraulic controls are standard. The ergonomically designed joystick offers low-effort control to help reduce operator fatigue. Operators can customize the controls to their individual preferences and skill level.

Regular inspection points are easily accessible at ground level. An electronically operated tilting cab provides access to internal components. Even with the cab tilted, the dozer can be started while the machine is being diagnosed or repaired.

Develon DD130 Dozer Specifications

  • Power: 145.8 hp @ 2200 rpm
  • Operating weight: 31,747 lb.
  • Blade height: 43.9 in.
  • Blade width: 143.9 in.
  • Blade angle: 25 degrees
  • Drawbar pull: 48,500 lb.