Deere 450, 550, and 650 P-Tier Small Dozers

March 16, 2023
NEW: John Deere has introduced the 450, 550, and 650 P-Tier small dozers...

John Deere has introduced the 450, 550, and 650 P-Tier small dozers.

Featuring the entry-level solution EZ Grade in base models with EH controls, as well as optional slope control and 2D laser capabilities, the 450, 550, and 650 P-Tier machines are compatible with laser receivers, helping to control elevation and slope while utilizing a rotating laser.

The P-Tier small dozers with EH controls arrive from the factory with EZ Grade features, however, the owner can upgrade to Slope Control or SmartGrade technology in the future, if desired. As an additional tech-forward feature, the new eight-inch touchscreen cab display offers intuitive navigation of slope control and machine settings on EH machines.

The three small dozers feature a variety of strategic design choices aimed to increase visibility and comfort, according to Deere. With a 14 percent larger cab than previous models, the P-Tier machines offer increased storage space and easier ingress/egress capabilities. In addition, customers can now proportionally control the blade’s angle and change travel direction through the use of the integrated FNR switch.

Impacting operator visibility, the new hood design, straightened and lowered five-inches on 650 P-Tier and seven-inches on the 450 and 550 P-Tier models, helps improve overall forward visibility and straight sightlines to the front of the machine. Also, with the removal of the DEF system, the 450 P-Tier model offers simplified maintenance and reduced system complexity while meeting emissions regulations. Lastly, the optional LED light package and rear-view camera options enhance visibility.