Komatsu D155AXi-8 RC Remote Control Dozer

May 26, 2016

The D155AXi-8 RC (Radio Control) crawler dozer is a remote-controlled machine with Intelligent Machine Control (IMC) technology. It is designed for applications in which the operator should be removed from the cab in the interest of safety, but the need for high levels of efficiency and productivity remain, the company says. The line-of-sight remote-control allows operation up to 100 meters distant.

The D155AXi-8 RC uses a 15.24-liter, 354-horsepower Komatsu SAA6D140E-7 Tier 4-Final engine that features variable-geometry turbocharging, Komatsu diesel particulate filter, and a selective catalytic reduction system. An automatic gearshift transmission and lock-up torque converter provide the optimal gear range, based on job-site conditions and load, says Komatsu. The electronically controlled transmission locks up the torque converter to transfer engine power directly to the transmission, eliminating horsepower loss and cutting fuel consumption by as much as 10 percent, says the company.

The D155AXi-8 RC’s SIGMADOZER blade, patented by Komatsu and designed to hold more by digging and rolling material to the blade’s center, reduces digging resistance and moves up to 15 percent more soil, while using less power, says Komatsu, compared with using a typical semi-U blade.




Sept. 7, 2011