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Rotobec designs, manufactures and markets materials handling equipment using hydraulic rotation system technology that enables users to optimize their operations. Rotators, grapples and loaders are truly at the heart of the company.

Products and Press Releases

Rotobec Clamshell Bucket
Buckets for excavators, backhoes

Rotobec CSB650 Clamshell Bucket is Self Greasing

Dec. 23, 2015
CSB650 clamshell bucket features a quad-cylinder design Rotobec says ensures the optimal force distribution on each corner of the bucket, providing maximum loads.It also automatically...
Equipment Attachments

Rotobec Power Attachments Available With 7 Jaw Configurations

Oct. 13, 2015
Rotobec Power Attachment line is available with seven different jaw configurations (Rake, Bucket, Pulpwood, Waste, Trash, Demolition & Compaction).All are equipped with built-...
Buckets for excavators, backhoes

Rotobec Clamshell Buckets

Dec. 11, 2013
The Rotobec Clamshell Bucket for excavators is for material re-handling and dredging and fits crawler excavators and material handlers ranging from 15,000 to more than 200,000...
Wood and brush attachments

Rotobec RCH Grapple Saws

July 19, 2013
Rotobec RCH404 and RCH750 Grapple Saws have a saw frame that includes hydraulic saw bar return, eliminating the need for an air tank and compressor for operation, and making the...

Rotobec RCB Breakers

July 10, 2013
The RCB line of construction breakers is available in monoblock or tie-rod configurations.Eight monoblock models fit excavators ranging from 1,600 to 28,000 pounds. Polyurethane...
Elite Loader
Truck Mounted Cranes

Rotobec Truck-Mount Loader Line

Jan. 10, 2013
Equipment Attachments

Rotobec Power Attachment Grapples

Sept. 28, 2010
With multiple jaw configuration options including rake/rake, rake/bucket and bucket/bucket, Power Attachment grapples from Rotobec offer versatility in material-handling applications...
Equipment Attachments

Rotobec Next Gen Orange Peel

Sept. 28, 2010
"New Generation" orange peel grapples from Rotobec feature patented continuous RT rotators available with different axial lift capacities and high side-loading capabilities.