Wacker Neuson SM60, SM120 mini loaders

April 11, 2023
New models join the SM100

Models SM60 and SM120 have been added to the Wacker Neuson line of stand-on compact track loaders.

The Wacker Neuson SM60 has a 35 percent rated operating capacity of 600 pounds and an operating weight of 2,760 pounds. Powered by a 26.5-horsepower Kohler Command Pro EFI gasoline engine, the Wacker Neuson CTL has travel speed up to 3.9 mph. It has 7.1-inch-wide tracks and an overall machine width of 35.5 inches. Hinge pin height is 75.6 inches.

The SM120 Wacker Neuson CTL has a ROC at 35 percent of 1,226 pounds. With a 24.7-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine, the Wacker Nueson SM120 can travel up to 5.2 mph. The 41-inch wide machine has 11-inch-wide tracks. An optimized radial path design provides a hinge pin height of 85.6 inches.

The SM60 and SM120 join the Wacker Newson SM100 (below).

The SM120 has QuipGrip proportional auxiliary hydraulic controls mounted on the grip that allow the operator to operate all three controls simultaneously. Ride control provides hydraulic cushioning to the lift arms, and operators can easily engage and disengage ride control via a grip-mounted button. The 14-pin attachment control offers enhanced controllability for complex hydraulic attachments.

Spring-suspended operator platform with ergonomic padding features an operator presence system that prevents accidental movement of the lift arm and travel functions when the operator steps off the platform.

Wacker Neuson SM60 CTL Specifications

  • Operating weight: 2,760 lb.
  • ROC, 35%: 600 lb.
  • Power: 26.5 hp
  • Hinge pin height: 75.6 in.

Wacker Neuson SM120 CTL Specifications

  • ROC, 35%:  1,226 lb.
  • Power: 24.7 hp
  • Hinge pin height: 75.6 in.