New Holland C330 Vertical Lift CTL

March 17, 2023
New Holland Construction has added the C330 to its compact track loader lineup.

New Holland Construction has added to its CTL lineup with the C330 vertical lift compact track loader: a medium frame machine with the ability to maneuver in tight spaces.

The C330 vertical lift compact track loader has a 68-inch working width and a 67-horsepower engine, retains the company's "super boom" design, with low shoulder positioning and small towers to enhance operator visibility and worker safety on the job site.

Using electro-hydraulic controls (E-H), the machine is nimble enough to navigate through tight residential spaces like backyard gates and between houses or buildings.

Operators can switch between ISO and H-Pattern controls. This provides control over drive function and attachments, making it suitable for residential contractors or operators who work on a variety of jobs with one machine. Models with E-H controls feature EZ E-H control customization for speed and sensitivity settings completely customizable for the operator. The power management function enables RPM speed management to deliver power to the drives while the loader valve is under load. This allows the operator to move heavy loads without interruption, the company says.

Utilizing the same cabs as the other 300 series compact track loaders, the C330 vertical lift compact track loader will have the same ergonomic features, including soft button joysticks and more room between the operator’s knees. It also comes equipped with an 8-inch color display. The display shows all working parameters with key machine information like engine performance, RPM, fuel level, battery life, hydraulic oil temperature, and more. An operator can quickly and easily modify E-H settings and other settings.