Yanmar TL100VS compact track loader

March 14, 2023
First in a new lineup of CTLs that will eventually include four models

Yanmar is entering the compact track loader market, and the first model is its TL100VS CTL. The lineup will eventually include models TL65RS, TL75VS, and TL80VS.

The 103.5-horsepower Yanmar TL100VS has a rated operating capacity of 3,600 pounds with an operating weight of 10,575 pounds. It is a vertical-lift CTL. Travel speed is up to 8 mph, and ground pressure is 4.5 psi. 

The torsion axle suspended undercarriage has a pivot link system at the rear axle. This linkage technology uses a spring load to reduce oscillation and stabilize the machine. It has large line sizes, hydraulic coolers, and direct-drive pumps.

The Yanmar CTL offers 360-degree visibility and a 7-inch color display. A suspended seat is standard and a removable roof hatch escape provides additional operator safety.

Optional features on Yanmar TL100VS

Optional features include a load-sensing system, work tool positioner, return-to-position technology, self-leveling, ride control, and auto 2-speed capabilities.

  • The load-sensing system regulates the 40-pgm hydraulic pump, so it only produces what’s necessary to complete the work rather than using maximum flow all the time.
  • The work tool positioner allows operators to create a preset for the angle of the attachment based on the task at hand, allowing return to position at the push of a button.
  • Return-to-position technology complements the work tool positioner by allowing operators to set a designated height for the loader arms. The work tool positioner and return-to-position features can be paired together or used independently to adjust to the needs of the job site.
  • The self-leveling technology uses dual-direction capabilities to automatically level the load both while raising the loader arms and while lowering them.
  • Speed-sensitive ride control offers operators the convenience of enhanced material retention at higher speeds without needing to actively switch the feature off while switching to more slow-moving applications, such as grading. As the compact track loader starts moving above a certain speed, the ride control automatically activates to enhance suspension and reduce spillage, then senses when to deactivate when the machine is moving more slowly. Operators can adjust the default speeds for ride control based on personal preference.
  • Auto 2-speed allows the CTL to shift automatically between low and high-speed modes.

SmartAssist telematics is also optional. A remote-control option allows operators to control the loader from a distance with a harness-mounted control box.

Yanmar TL100VS Compact Track Loader Specifications

  • ROC, 35% tipping load: 3,600 lb.
  • Operating weight: 10,575 lb.
  • Power: 103.5 hp