ASV RT-50 Compact Track Loader

July 12, 2022
The new-generation RT-50 Posi-Track CTL has a Yanmar engine

The new-generation RT-50 Posi-Track compact track loader has a 53.8-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine, giving the CTL an 8-percent boost in power, according to the company.

Rated operating capacity is 1,400 pounds, and the ASV loader travels up to 7.1 mph. Lift height is 9.1 feet on the radial-lift compact track loader.

An optional hydraulic quick attach allows operators to change attachments from the comfort of the cab. Variable auxiliary hydraulic flow comes standard, and the machine can operate efficiently at a high auxiliary circuit flow rate, powered by 13.3 gpm of pump capacity and 3,000 psi of system pressure.

The RT-50 is tested to operate at full load 100 percent of the time in ambient temperatures from -40 to 118 F.

A rear-tilting hood offers easy access to maintenance points, including filters, oil and fuel tank reservoirs, hydraulic and water separator drains and the battery.

Visibility improvements over its predecessor include a frameless front door that includes floor-to-ceiling glass area. The cab’s large side and rear windows provide additional lines of sight. This is further improved by the bright rear LED light and adjustable front pedestal lighting. An optional backup camera is available to replace the standard rearview mirror.

See a walk-around video below.

ASV RT-50 CTL Specs

  • Operating weight: 5,180 lb.
  • Rated operating capacity @ 35%: 1,400 lb.
  • Power: 53.8 hp
  • Tipping load: 4,000 lb.
  • Hyd. Pump capacity: 13.3 gpm
  • Hyd. max system pressure: 3,000 psi