Case Utility Plus Backhoe Loader

March 16, 2023
Designed to deliver full-sized performance

The Case Utility Plus backhoe loader is designed to deliver full-sized backhoe performance in a value-priced, entry level machine.

One of five new backhoes Case will introduce this year, the 74-horsepower Utility Plus features a maintenance-free emissions system (no DPF and no DEF), and easy controls (including a choice of pilot or mechanical). Mechanical controls are offered for the more experienced operators who like that traditional backhoe “feel”, while pilot controls are available for rental businesses and contractors with less-experienced operators.

“We’ve built it so that you can focus on simplicity, ideal for rental applications and businesses where this isn’t a daily production tool, but also committed to options such as the Extendahoe and attachment performance via one-way auxiliary hydraulics on the dipper for businesses that want to use this machine for more," says George MacIntyre, Case product manager. "It’s built to be versatile and allow equipment owners to build up from a simple base model.”