Hyundai HA30, HA45 Articulated Dump Trucks

July 8, 2022
HA30 and HA45 are first since Doosan merger

Models HA30 and HA45 Hyundai articulated dump trucks have rated payloads of 28 and 41 tons, respectively. The new ADTs are the first units to combine the design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise of Hyundai Construction Equipment and Hyundai Doosan Infracore, according to the company, and are based on the Doosan versions.

The Hyundai ADTs have full-time six-wheel drive, with front and rear limited slip differentials and a longitudinal differential that can be manually locked. It has a ZF transmission and self-leveling hydro-gas suspension on the front axle. The hydro-gas suspension is an enhancement that replaces traditional shock absorbers and rubber springs for improved operator comfort, especially when the truck is empty, according to the company.

Tandem reduction gearboxes on the two rear axles enable maximum oscillation of the rear axles, according to the company.

Driveline bearings offer significantly extended wear life, according to the company. The bearings use a steel-to-steel design that nearly doubles the expected lifespan over that achieved by the previous steel-on-brass design (15,000 hours vs 8,000 hours), according to the company. Improvements in manufacturing technology produce harder, more wear-resistant steel. A new grease-groove design distributes lubricant more evenly, also contributing to reduction in wear and a 50-percent reduction in the amount of grease used.         

The single central differential increases ground clearance beneath the truck. Oil-cooled wet disc brakes achieve an extended service lifetime of up to 15,000 hours. A hydraulically activated mechanical parking brake holds the machine when stationary. The trucks feature a gradient meter, with flip-over protection and a Body Over Center of Gravity function, to assist drivers when dumping and operating on rough terrain.

Dump bodies have available options of using engine exhaust gases to prevent freezing and sticking of materials, and internal wear plates for working in applications with heavy and hard rock.

Tier 4 Final Scania diesel engines power both trucks. The HA30 uses a 9.3-liter DC9 turbocharged diesel, producing 375 horsepower, and the HA45 uses a 12.7-liter DC13 diesel engine, producing 500 horsepower.

The Hyundai articulated dump trucks have eight-speed ZF automatic transmissions. The torque converter has lock-up in all gears, reducing fuel consumption and increasing efficiency. Ground level service points are designed for maximum efficiency and improved safety. The engine canopy tilts forward for access to filters and fill points, and the complete cab structure can also be tilted towards the rear of the truck, to provide access for repair and maintenance.

Hyundai Hi-Mate telematic monitoring system is standard and enables remote monitoring of productivity, fuel consumption, system warning, and maintenance status.

The Hyundai ADT operating station has been redesigned for enhanced comfort, according to the company. It features an ergonomic layout to the controls, a high-quality air-suspended operator’s seat, an internal sound level of 72dB(A), all-round safety rails, and a footrest. Full cab climate control is standard on both models.

A comprehensive monitor panel provides an integrated payload meter to prevent overloading and to record productivity. Diagnostic functions are included within the monitoring system, and the operator can remotely check hydraulic and transmission oil levels from the cab. A gradient meter ensures that the truck is driven safely within its limits, while an integrated rearview camera and large mirrors provide excellent all-round visibility when reversing under an excavator or into the dumping area.

Hyundai HA30 ADT Specs

  • Heaped body capacity: 22 cu. yd
  • Power: 375 hp
  • Transmission: ZF automatic

Hyundai HA45 ADT Specs

  • Heaped body capacity: 32 cu. yd
  • Power: 500 hp
  • Transmission: ZF automatic