John Deere E-II Series ADTs

Sept. 28, 2020

The E-II Series of Deere articulated dump trucks have a redesigned dump body, updated operator station, and new drive and transmission retarder modes.

The John Deere ADT dump body is wider, and it has a lowered and leveled rail height to improve material retention. A brand-new side sheet design makes the load height the same from front to back, while the widened bin provides additional tire coverage and easier loading. Additionally, the bin rail features an angled top, helping to reduce material spillage while traveling.

The updated operator station on the articulated dump truck includes a single sealed switch module, reducing the number of switches by 25 percent compared to the previous models. An automotive-style multifunction turn signal lever includes lights and windshield wipers, further helping to simplify truck settings without limiting functionality. The new primary display unit provides a clear display of daily operation and enhanced diagnostic information.

The ADT has three standard drive modes: Normal, Eco, and Traction. The Normal mode has the same features found on the E Series predecessor and reduces fuel burn by up to 7 percent. With Eco mode, the system reduces fuel consumption by smoothing throttle input and reducing maximum rpm and can improve fuel consumption by up to 12 percent compared to Normal mode. The Traction mode helps the operator to maintain tire traction in soft underfoot conditions, automatically engaging the differential lock to minimize wheel spinning, and increases traction. To improve the function of the automatic differential locks, new wheel speed sensors have been added, enhancing the accuracy of engagement.

Simplified retarder controls on the Deere articulated dump trucks help to create a consistent, smooth ride in all applications. Three transmission retarder modes—low, medium, high—offer different operating characteristics for loaded and unloaded trucks.

The E-II ADTs are available with five-year, 15,000-hour transmission warranty, available through the end of 2020.