Doosan Updated DA30-5 Articulated Dump Truck

May 15, 2018

The 30-ton DA30-5 ADT features updates that include a front suspension with a hydro-gas, self-leveling system.

The truck’s hydro-gas cylinders are connected to pressure accumulators, and the accumulators and hydraulic system replace the previous shock absorbers and a rubber spring. The suspension includes the self-leveling feature and the ability to change the characteristics by adjusting the pressure. The cab has a new dashboard with a modified shape and a soft-touch automotive material. Among the updates to the truck’s vehicle control unit are more robust hardware; better processors; more input channels for customized functions or further technology developments; and high-quality, automotive-style connectors, the company says. A new monitor features bigger indicators, and the display panel now has the capability to display multiple cameras views for increased visibility around the ADT. Operators can toggle through the menu to access additional information such as machine status, service, and settings. The color scheme has also been updated to match the company’s 40-ton model.