John Deere E Series ADTs

March 8, 2017

John Deere has introduced the 260E and 310E articulated dump trucks, with updated styling, and new cabs, frames, and axles compared to their D Series predecessors.

The 26-ton 260E (321 horsepower) and 31-ton 310E (354 horsepower) are built in Davenport, Iowa, and have John Deere PowerTech 9.0L Tier 4-Final engines. A purpose-built ZF transmission includes a high-capacity retarder, eight forward gears, and four reverse gears. Compared to previous models, these trucks have a 125 percent increase in retardation capacity, Deere says. A new automatic differential lock provides both cross-axle differential lock and inter-axle differential lock options that can power the ADTs through soft underfoot conditions or steep terrains. In addition, the new John Deere hauler axles are designed for heavy-duty applications, and an optional cooling package is available for extreme conditions. Hydraulically actuated wet disc brakes have been added in all three axles.

A newly designed stay-tight oscillation joint, standard adaptive front suspension, and balanced weight distribution also provide the agility and ability to navigate hostile terrain. To minimize the risk of rollover while unloading, the dump body can be restricted from rising when the rear chassis exceeds a predetermined slope angle.

Inside the haulers, John Deere reduced decibel (dBA) levels by 50 percent with the addition of sound abatement and improved floor mat design. The cab monitor provides an LCD screen with onboard diagnostics, digital gauges, and vital system indicators. The auto shutdown feature can turn off the engine after an owner-determined period of inactivity to help save fuel.

Other standard features include auto dump, descent control, shuttle shifting, hill hold, and load assist. The 260E and 310E both feature centralized, ground-level servicing to simplify daily maintenance and overall serviceability.