The latest additions to the Volvo Construction Equipment G Series articulated-dump-truck (ADT) range are the A45G and the A45G FS (Full Suspension), both with a 45-ton payload capacity and designed, says Volvo, on a “dimensionally smaller, lighter, more agile platform than conventional 45-ton trucks for added maneuverability, off-road capability, and fuel efficiency.”

The new models—using a 16-liter, 469-horsepower Volvo D16 engine—join the four other models in the G Series range (A25G, A30G, A35G, and A40G), which Volvo has refined by incorporating new G Series engineering that includes on-board weighing, powertrain refinements, and features aimed at productivity, safety, and lower cost per ton. Plus, the three smallest models now have 1-ton higher capacities for ratings of 27.5, 32, and 38 tons, respectively; the A40G remains at 43 tons capacity.

The Volvo Dynamic Drive system, for example, is designed to provide an improved gear-shifting strategy that takes into consideration both the payload and the gradient of the slope. The machine automatically selects an appropriate starting gear and modifies shift timing to match operating conditions. The company estimates that this feature will result in 3- to 10-percent fuel-efficiency improvements, depending on the model.

With the Volvo Dynamic Engine Brake system, torque and shift points are dynamically adjusted to match the hauler’s current load, inclination, and rolling resistance—improving brake life, says Volvo, by reducing the need to use the service brakes and retarder when negotiating downhill grades.

The On-Board Weighing system is a standard feature for the A35G, A40G, and A45G, and this feature is a newly available option for the A25G and A30G. The system is automatic, requires no intervention from the operator, and uses three load-indicator lights that alert both the hauler operator and the excavator operator when nominal load has been reached and also caution the operator about overloading.

Actual tonnage is displayed in real-time on the in-cab Contronics monitor, which also, says Volvo, “includes a new Econometer feature that shows fuel economy in gallon per transported ton, per work cycle, for the last 10 cycles.” This information is accessible remotely by the fleet manager through CareTrack, Volvo’s telematics system.

A number of new safety features are standard on the G Series, including Hill Assist and Dump Support System. Hill Assist holds the hauler in place on steep slopes without the need to engage the parking brake. The feature automatically activates when arriving at a complete stop on a hill and is disengaged when the operator accelerates.

The Dump Support System allows the operator to see the percentage of the truck’s side inclination and to set allowable parameters for safe dumping operations. This feature can be configured three ways: off; on with an alarm; and on with an alarm and a complete bed stop. The Dump Support System complements the G Series’ Load-and-Dump Brake technology, says Volvo.

The Volvo G Series is backed by the company’s Fuel Efficiency Guarantee and Lifetime Frame and Structure Warranty. Under the Fuel Efficiency Guarantee, Volvo guarantees model-rated fuel efficiency levels, as monitored by CareTrack, and will reimburse a portion of the additional fuel if the hauler does not meet guaranteed levels. Under the frame warranty, says Volvo, “the frame and articulation/oscillation joint are protected for the entirety of the initial period of ownership or for the life of the machine—whichever is less.”