Aggregate Products

Sept. 28, 2010

Wheel Washing System

The DirtSquirt is a wheel wash system that complies with EPA standards and keeps mud, dirt and other debris off streets and highways. By washing the tires of trucks and equipment before they enter the roadway, contractors prevent tracking, eliminating potential fines. Ideal for quarries, cement plants, construction sites, and any other high dirt or mud job sites, DirtSquirt is available in portable or stationary models. The system is easy to set up and includes a 20-horsepower, 160-gpm high-pressure pump; 200-psi pump module; dual spray bars; a utility bump; all-weather infrared motion sensor detector; connecting hose; easy-to-replace spray nozzles; and a stop sign for the wheel wash. For portable applications, the system can be quickly and easily removed and re-installed at another site. Engineering consultation and complete installation from NESCO is also available.

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Rip-Rap Sorting

A heavy-duty rip-rap sorting and separating plant makes three finished products. Included is a 20-cubic-yard hopper, 52-inch-wide by 24-foot-long vibrating grizzly feeder, electric motor or diesel/hydraulic power, discharge hoppers/chutes, and a skid-mounted support structure. The vibrating grizzly feeder is equipped with a 12-foot-long solid impact deck and twin 6-foot-long adjustable grizzly bar sections. Optional heavy-duty stockpiling conveyors are available for the finished products.

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Feed Hopper Line

A portable feed hopper line designed to deliver large quantities of bulk materials evenly and consistently into crushing, screening or washing plants are units offering quick and easy setup. Operators place and adjust the conveyor unit, and proceed into production. Features include a 36-inch belt feeder and a variable speed drive unit with belt speeds to 175 feet per minute that allows a large variation of feed rates to meet the toughest specifications. Fabricated hoppers feature 10-yard capacity and an 8-foot by 16-foot top opening with a grizzly option. Discharge conveyors are 36 inches by 40 feet with a 20-horsepower drive and 850-tons-per-hour capacity. Other available features include a single axle with dual 11–22.5 tires; CEMA C 5-inch idlers; manual or hydraulic tilt grizzly; remote belt or grizzly control; hydraulic support legs; and more.

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Horizontal Screen

The decks of the UniScreen are mounted on rugged, fully stress-relieved baskets and frames with an oscillating mount suspension system by Lovejoy Inc. Lovejoy's ROSTA® AB oscillating mount suspension system provides a unique cushioning effect that helps to isolate all framing and support structures from damaging effects of vibration. Features include deep channel framing and heavy plate construction with optional knockout plates available to make field installation of spray bars an easy job; a fully lined impact feed box that takes the impact and shock load of fed material; heavy hold-down bars along each side of the screen basket clamp the screen wire with a vice-like grip; removable decks permit easy screen wire replacement from above on most models; two extra heavy, perfectly matched, high alloy steel counterweight shafts provide ample vibrating power to the screen; and two counterweighted balanced shafts are timed through positive timing and drive gears.

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Wheel Loaders

John Deere's 844J Wheel Loader, powered by an efficient, electronically controlled, 12.5-liter John Deere PowerTech™ diesel engine, features wet-sleeve cylinder liners for engine cooling. The exclusive Quad-Cool™ system with proportional fan drive features a large area of pre-screening air inlets and large fin spacing for coolers so debris passes through. An optional reversing fan further enhances cleanout and cooling performance. The Deere Powershift transmission provides smart shift technology by continuously sensing speeds and loads, and adjusting clutch pressures accordingly, thereby delivering smooth shifts without any delay. Other features include heavy-duty outboard planetary axles with open differential (standard) and limited slip (option) available; outboard wet multi-disc brakes that self-adjust for wear; a sealed-switch module; programmable dash; excavator-style hydraulics; comfortable fingertip controls; optional steering system that includes an electronic joystick with FNR controls; ergonomically designed arm and wrist rest; and standard ride-control delivering a smooth ride. Other J-Series loaders include 724J, 744J and 824J.

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Suspension Systems

Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement System, designed for heavy-duty applications, improves the suspension performance of all pickups, work trucks, vans, and SUVs. The system works when extra support is called for, especially for off-road use or while towing a trailer, ensuring stability, improved handling and comfort. Easy to install, the Timbren SES provides maintenance-free and trouble-free performance of the vehicle.

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Hydraulic Crane

Liebherr's HS 895 HD Hydraulic Crawler crane can work as a true 220-U.S.-ton lift crane, 60,000-pound class clamshell machine and 40,000-pound class dragline. The unit can monitor/power (from its own hydraulic system) casing oscillators, vibratory hammers, impact hammers, drills, and lead systems. With dragline interlock and fuel-efficient 900-horsepower V-12 Liebherr turbo-charged diesel, the machine cycles quickly and operates with simple joysticks. The 895 can assemble/disassemble itself and load out on trucks without crane assist in less than four hours. Sound-deadening ductwork and insulation make the machine quiet, maintenance is low with eight 40-hour grease fittings, and winch clutch and braking action is performed with Liebherr-pioneered, non-maintenance wet-disc clutch/brake pack while providing 66,000 pounds of operational line pull on both winches simultaneously. Free swing with hydraulic moment control reduces wear to a minimum, three wing motors offer powerful/precise swing control with maximum swing speed of 3.6 revolutions per minute.

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Abrasion Compound

Wear Guard™ High Impact is high-density epoxy putty for repairing and protecting equipment subject to extreme impact, flexing or abrasion. A special non-VOC formulation containing flexible acrylate and micro-alumina ceramic beads provides compressive strength and wear resistance, extending the life of slurry pumps, pipe elbows, scrubbers, pulverizers, screens, screw conveyors, chutes, hoppers, and other equipment. Adhesion eliminates using "expanded metal" in demanding applications. With 100-percent solids, the putty has a pot life of 45 minutes at 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Recommended applied thickness for repairs is at least 1/4-inch, can be troweled up to 3/4-inch without sagging on vertical surfaces and after seven days, has a hardness of 85 Shore D, compressive strength of 7,250 psi, modulus of elasticity of 336,000 psi, adhesive tensile shear of 2,567 psi, and flexural strength of 6,144 psi. Coatings withstand service temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit wet, 300 degrees Fahrenheit dry.

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Idler Line

The 90 Series CEMA D idler line is available for 24-inch to 72-inch belt widths. Built with heavy-duty rollers of 9-gauge on 5-inch-diameter rollers and 7-gauge on 6-inch rollers with 7-gauge steel center and end stands, its 1-inch shaft with 3/4-inch hex nuts is designed for minimum shaft deflection. The series features 25-millimeter precision-sealed ball bearings which provide ongoing cost savings by eliminating maintenance labor and grease expenditures, while also extending bearing life. As idler roll seals are responsible for retaining grease in the bearing cavity, excluding contaminants, maintaining low roll resistance, and maximizing wear life, the 90 Series CEMA D idler offers optimum seal effectiveness. Its advance bearing and seal design features a die cast zinc nut combined with a polypropylene seal, which forms a deep triple-labyrinth seal arrangement to protect the bearings.

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Tunnel reclaim conveyors are an alternative to loaders and feed hoppers. Available as portable or stationary units, Superior Industries' heavy-duty reclaim systems are reliable and cost effective in applications that include primary plant feed, wash plant feed, truck loadout, and live storage. Delivering low-cost installation, the conveyors are manufactured in steel and are available in rounded or rectangular box designs. For operational safety, units can be accompanied by either 8-foot or 10-foot domes engineered with a stress-shedding design. The larger 10-foot domes allow for wider belts or a two-sided walkway.

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Dust Control

SpreadKleen Spray System, designed for soil stabilization and other spreading applications, helps reduce dust emissions. The system attaches to the back of spreader trucks applying lime, cement and fly ash to stabilize road bases and reduces dust as it comes out of the truck. It helps improve visibility, increase workers' safety and protect public health through the use of a fine mist without clogging up the spreader. The system consists of dual-spray nozzle manifolds that are mounted on the front and rear of the spreader discharge with the specially designed nozzle providing a fine, powerful mist to knock down dust without adding any detectable moisture to the soil conditioner. Using a gas-driven, electric-start, high-pressure pump, which includes five and 10 micron cartridge filters and spray wand for wash down and cleanup, it also includes water tanks with a low-level cut-off and a variable flow control to adjust water output.

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Self-Cleaning Rubber Screen Media

Dur-X-Kleen® self-cleaning rubber screen media is designed with molded, tapered openings, flexible self-cleaning action, with screen openings remaining clear so material flows at full capacity. Available in harder or softer rubber designs to fit any application, the line is a result of ongoing innovations and a proprietary rubber formula delivering superior abrasion, tear-resistance and increased wear life. Suited to applications involving dry, high-impact material or fine, sticky or near-size material, rubber screens absorb high impact. When installed in a vibrating screen box, the rubber screen's flexibility presents amplitude greater than the stroke of the machine. Combined with tapered openings, a self-cleaning action is realized. Fines will not blind/plug surface and rejected particles are thrown out. Available in a variety of mounting styles, the media can be custom-designed in bolt-down, modular or side-tension versions fitting any existing screen box. Modular systems snap into place and can be installed by one person.

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Dry Screen

Powerscreen Chieftain 2100 triple-deck, 20-foot by 5-foot dry screen, designed and built for large-scale operations, provides constant, uniform sizing and can process up to 500 tons per hour, depending on mesh size and material type. The force in the screen is 25-percent greater due to larger bearings, providing optimum performance in wet, sticky applications. Features include an aggressive 10-millimeter throw (9-millimeter under load); radio-controlled angle-adjustable tipping grid; mobile plant sets up ready to run in 15 minutes; riveted triple-deck screen; mounted on 12 springs; an oil-filled two-bearing system eliminates need for constant greasing; hydraulic screen angle adjustment and tensioning; and hydraulic folding side conveyors. All hydraulic pumps and motors are high-performance, heavy-duty, and vibrating grizzly is optional. Typical applications include sand/gravel, topsoil, coal, crushed stone, and concrete/asphalt rubble. Deutz 2012C diesel power has engine-protection shutdown system and optional tri-axle bogie system allows the machine to be transported without low loader.

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Rock Drills

Numa releases the Patriot® 35A down hole hammer featuring a longer case, heavier piston and faster stroke providing a complete drilling solution. The hammer can be used in any type of rock drilling condition and has the capability to drill holes 3-1/2 inches to 4-1/8 inches in diameter. Some typical applications include water wells, monitoring wells, blastholes, geothermal wells, tie-backs, exploration holes, and other jobs where rock drilling is required. With a total weight of 45 pounds and overall length of 28-5/8 inches, the hammer runs fast and long and is ideal in confined areas. The compact design allows for the transfer of drilling energy to the bit quick and efficiently promoting faster drilling speeds and 20-percent faster than the previous model, with an average yield of 1,750 beats per minute at 350 psi. The P35A feed tube assembly attaches directly to the backhead of the hammer.

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HP Series line of breakers expands on Indeco's MES Series. With operating weights ranging from 230 pounds to 17,200 pounds and MBMB energy classes from 200 to 16,000, the series offers 19 different models to match equipment sizes with applications. Breaking through concrete or rock, the line has been redesigned for smaller breakers with slimmer profile for easier entry into restricted areas/narrow openings and the casing has been super-silenced complying with night work and indoor demolition noise requirements. Slim-line design for larger breakers improves maneuverability and increases operator visibility. Larger breakers, for excavator mounting, are ideal for breaking rock, concrete and other materials. Largest rock-breaking model HP 16000 has operating weight of 17,200 pounds, MBMB foot-pound class of 16,000, is designed to fit larger mobile machines, fits excavators weighing 75 tons and up, offers hydraulic flow of 86 gpm to 111 gpm, and up to 3,400-psi high-impact blow after blow.

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The 100 Series CEMA E idler line is a solution to greater reliability and lower operating costs in hard rock and mining applications. Available for 36-inch to 96-inch belt widths, the series is built with a 1-3/4-inch solid shaft, 1/4-inch steel centerstands, 1/4-inch steel endstands, and heavy duty-rollers with 6-inch and 7-inch roll diameter and 1/4-inch roll thickness. Rollers are secured in frames without extra hardware, and are interchangeable with other manufacturers' units. The series features 40-millimeter precision-sealed ball bearings which provide ongoing cost savings by eliminating maintenance labor and grease expenditures, while also extending bearing life. Optimum seal effectiveness is offered and its advanced bearing and seal arrangement features a nylon labyrinth lubricated seal with cover shield.

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Wear Plate/Tooth Systems

Caterpillar introduces Mechanically Attached Wear Plate Systems (MAWPS) and Cat® KSeries Tooth System™. The tooth system represents a multitude of improvements including an expected tooth life increase by up to 15 percent, lower tooth profile provides better penetration and sharpness is maintained longer. Available in 11 options, tips can be changed with a "twist-on" procedure making installation easier, quicker and reduces tip movement by allowing the tip to grip the adapter tighter as it digs harder into tough materials. The Wear Plate systems, made from Caterpillar's formulated DH-2™ steel, slide onto weld-on base plates and are held in place with a patented compression retainer. Low retainer placement allows for a greater percentage of the wear plate to be used before replacement. Recessed holes in each plate corner serve as wear indicators. Plates can be removed in two minutes or less using a special removal tool or a common pry bar.

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Indeco's IFP (fixed) and IRP (rotating) line of pulverizers, designed to withstand pressure, wear and abrasion, provide a strong grip. Pulverizer jaws reduce variation in force required between start and end of crushing cycles. Regeneration or "speed valve" enables jaws to close quickly under no-load conditions. Distance between cutters can be adjusted to cut rebar efficiently. Ideal for demolition/recycling projects, IRP's ability to rotate 360 degrees makes it easier to handle demolition jobs under any conditions ensuring material is held firmly in jaws. IFP series, available in three model sizes, fit excavators from 19 tons to 55 tons with operating weights ranging from 3,800 pounds to 7,100 pounds, with maximum force of up to 655,000 pounds at cutters. IRP series, available in three sizes, fit excavators from 21 tons to 55 tons with operating weights from 4,000 pounds to 7,100 pounds, with maximum force of up to 600,000 pounds at cutters.

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Track-Mounted Plant

The Finlay 694 Supertrak can produce up to four or five products in a single pass. Well suited for aggregates, sand/gravel, coal, and recycling operations, the compact, track-mounted plant features a 20-foot by 5-foot triple-deck screen box, four on-board stockpiling conveyors and a 14-foot belt-feed hopper. This combination can accommodate larger loaders and allows for the choice of a single- or double-deck vibrating grid for simultaneous production of five products. An optional crusher inlet chute permits feeding with loader and crusher at the same time to maximize production. The unit offers high-quality construction, excellent mobility and low maintenance.

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Impact Crusher

Terex Pegson 418 Trakpactor is a track-mounted, fixed-hammer horizontal impact crusher with 42-inch by 28-inch feed opening. Designed for crushing aggregates and concrete/asphalt rubble, two full-size and two half-size standard manganese blow bars are standard. The plant crushes up to 400 tph with a 20-to-1 reduction ratio utilizing a variable-speed 12-foot 6-inch by 42-inch grizzly feeder. Features include fixed, hardox steel hopper measuring 13 feet 2 inches by 6 feet 11 inches with capacity up to 5 cubic yards gross, depending on feed method; 39-inch wide on-plant product conveyor utilizing troughed belt, fixed-tail end discharging at height of 10 feet 9 inches; suspended, self-cleaning magnet; canvas removable dust covers fitted at head and beyond magnet area; and 24-inch wide on-plant side dirt conveyor folds hydraulically for travel. Easy to move, the plant measures 7 feet 7 inches wide, 11 feet 4 inches high and weighs 77,000 pounds.

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Batch Plant

Mixer Systems Inc. offers EconoBatch™ batch plant in a skid-mounted version that is pre-wired and pre-piped for fast, easy installation. Features of the standard plant include split design aggregate bins, self-leveling load cells and low profile in bin loading height. In this portable configuration, it can be taken off the truck as one entire unit and in operation in a matter of hours. The self-contained plant included mixer, cement/water weigh batcher, aggregate bins, conveyor, and automation controls as one complete unit. The only additional requirements are the cement silo and screw conveyor and simple water and electrical connections. The pocket belt aggregate conveyor provides inclines as steep as 45 degrees which allows a small footprint. The portable, skid-mounted plant is available with mixers from 1/2-cubic-yard to 2 cubic yards and production capacities of up to 35 yards per hour. A choice of mixer styles and controls, aggregate bins and conveyors are available.

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High-Pressure Water Spray Systems

The DustPro and DustBoy spray systems are designed to knock down airborne dust at the source and add a little moisture to help prevent dust generation. NESCO spray systems are custom-designed for each application and are used to control dust at environmentally sensitive sites. The systems feature high-pressure spray nozzles, remote electronic control and heavy-duty construction. No chemicals or compressed air are required. Simple to use and maintain, the systems enable material producers, demolition contractors and other material handling operations to comply with air quality standards and, at the same time, increase productivity of operations.

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Water Spray System

NESCO's AquaLog water spray system keeps tabs on water volume used to control dust in quarries by measuring both water pressure and flow and displaying these measurements simultaneously in a typical X-Y plot versus time eliminating tedious manual logs and helping keep stone drier. The Windows®-based program data is available 24/7/365, may be viewed on a PC or laptop in real time, or stored on disk for long-term record keeping. Phone lines or wireless connectivity permits observation by plant management or regulatory organizations. AquaLog enables plants to comply with state or federal EPA recordkeeping requirements, reduces water consumption for dust control by providing plant operators with real-time data, and when interfaced with a belt scale, operators can measure and record water added per ton. Easy to install in both new and existing systems, it includes a two- or four-channel data logger, water flow meter, and all necessary plumbing components.

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Wheel Loader

Caterpillar 994F Wheel Loader builds on its predecessor, the 994D. Features include a 14-percent increase in engine power, 10-percent increase in hydraulic flow, 8-percent increase in hydraulic pressure, and 10-percent increase in rimpull. The 994F Standard Lift arrangement has a payload of 38 tons, rock bucket capacity of 24.5 cubic yards and matches Cat®'s 785 and 789. A 994F High Lift has a payload of 34 tons, rock bucket capacity of 22.5 cubic yards, and is well matched with Cat 789 and 793 trucks equipped with standard bodies. For coal-loading operations, 994F Super High Lift loads Cat 793 or similarly sized trucks equipped with coal bodies. Dump clearance of 24.1 feet and dump reach of 11.1 feet in conjunction with 994F hydraulics improvements promote quick cycle times. 94F Super High Lift employs additional counterweight to handle a 34-ton payload and 47 cubic-yard coal bucket.

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Carbide Inserts

The Marathon carbide insert for button bits by Rockmore International combines higher hardness properties with longer-lasting performance to handle extreme, abrasive rock-drilling conditions. The carbide grade uses a newly developed manufacturing process to improve overall bit performance for a variety of down-the-hole (DTH) hammers and a broad range of drill-rig models. Introduced as a "new generation" of carbide inserts for button bits, Marathon carbides employ microstructural design changes to provide increased hardness while maintaining optimum toughness characteristics that resist catastrophic fracture. Extensive rock-drilling trials showed that the carbides last up to 20-percent longer than previous designs in water-well and mining environments. Wear flats appeared slower and later in the carbide life when compared to inserts with traditional composition. Marathon carbides are available for all DTH bits designated for water-well drilling up to 10 inches in diameter with button sizes up to 3/4-inch.

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Impactor Plant

The Terex Pegson 1412 track-mounted Trakpactor Plant features Hazemag horizontal AP-PH 1214/Q primary impact crusher with hydraulic controls for more uniform products, plus PLC CAN BUS control system automatically regulates the feed to the crusher, based on engine load. The plant is suitable for crushing concrete/asphalt rubble, brick and medium-to-hard limestone. The impactor uses a hydraulic apron-locking mechanism with overload protection and automatic reset providing consistent product size with less oversize than conventional spring-loaded impact crushers, as well as additional protection against tramp metal. The crusher opens/adjusts hydraulically and is fitted with a hydraulic tilting feed plate improving blockage clearance. Features include: 32-inch by 54-inch crusher feed opening; 48-inch-diameter and 53-inch-diameter rotor size with four reversible Martensitic steel blow bars held with simple clamping system; maximum feed size is 24 inches by 20 inches by 20 inches cube or 48 inches by 40 inches by 20 inches slab.

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Liebherr's R 984 C Litronic excavator, designed to be used in aggregate/quarry applications or heavy-duty construction jobs, has an operating weight of 255,740 pounds and is powered by a Cummins diesel engine featuring reduced emissions, biturbo-charger and direct fuel injection. The 685-horsepower/504-kilowatt engine provides long-term productivity with high digging and breakout forces at high-cycle times. Depending on individual job applications and requirements, either an HD rock bucket or a Liebherr ripper tooth may be attached. Bucket capacities for backhoe configurations are 3.79 cubic yards to 13.07 cubic yards with shovel capacities of 7.45 cubic yards to 13.73 cubic yards. The digging and breakout forces of the backhoe attachment are 93,990 foot-pounds and 123,640 foot-pounds; 95,990 foot-pounds or 127,020 foot-pounds for a ripper tooth. The excavator may be quipped with optional quick coupler designed for heavy duty and actuated from inside the cab allowing a quick changeover from bucket to ripper tooth.

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Portable Blending Plant

Rock Systems Inc. has developed a new portable blending plant. Available in two-, three-, four-, or five-hopper compartments, this plant accurately blends different materials. Each hopper measures 14 feet by 9 feet 6 inches with 20-ton storage capacity for charging with a front-end loader. Roller belt feeders with variable speed drive motors provide precise measuring. A collecting conveyor mounted under the feeders and hoppers delivers the blended materials. All equipment is mounted on a portable chassis with brakes, lights, mud flaps, and fifth wheel pin.

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Radial Stockpiling Conveyors

A new lime of radial stockpiling conveyors has been developed for the rock, sand and gravel industry. Included in this new line are portable, fixed-incline and mast-style stackers ranging up to 150 feet in length and 48 inches in width. A four-color brochure is available describing these radial stackers. Charts based on material weighing 100 foot-pounds provide information including capacity and stockpile volumes by conical pile, 1-degree arc and 90-degree circular arc. Drawings also provide information about operating and transport dimensions and motor options for 24-inch, 30-inch and 36-inch models.

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Modular Screen System

Dur-X-Snapdeck® 2000, manufactured by Durex Products Inc., is a modular screening system that is available in a variety of urethane or rubber compounds and delivers up to a 40-percent increase in open area for greater productivity. Manufactured with an attachment system that makes modular screen installation quick and simple, the system allows hassle-free retrofitting to existing screen boxes. There are no pins, sleeves, intermediate strips, or extra parts required, and the whole deck is comprised of standard panels — even along the side walls of the screen box. Also, each modular panel is easy to change out if needed, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. Depending upon screening requirements, Dur-X-Snapdeck® 2000 can be molded in urethane, dual-durometer urethane, or 40- to 60-durometer rubber. Openings range from 0.3-millimeter slot to 3.0 inches square. Optional diverters, flow restrictors and dams are available for specific applications.

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Lubrication Package

Telsmith introduces a lubrication package to its SBS cone crusher line. The standard lubrication system is designed to deliver greater operating efficiency while allowing easy integration to automated crusher controls. Engineered as a compact unit, the system's tank and oil cooler are pre-mounted on a skid providing safe lifting points for easy installation. Its simple design aids in reduced maintenance requirements and greater protection against environmental hazards. The unit features unique neoprene seals with a bolt-down lid to create a positive seal that locks out contaminants, extending the wear life of internal components and minimizing oil change frequency. The design offers a streamlined approach to plumbing with its oil pump, suction line, motor coupling, and bypass line all mounted inside the tank, reducing risks of costly environmental damage caused by oil spills. An oil distribution manifold is utilized, incorporating a bypass relief valve and thermal bypass valve into the manifold.

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Horizontal Impact Crushers

Universal Engineering's series of MaxCap Primary Impact Crushers are available in four model sizes ranging in capacities from 600 tph to 1,400 tph and offer a large expansion crushing chamber while breaking rock. The primary stage impact chamber utilizes fixed impact plates promoting vertical expansion upon impact and controlled re-entry into the impact zone for maximum reduction. The secondary stage impact chamber with adjustable curtain and cast wear plates, controls product top-size as the chamber is adjusted "on the fly" to compensate for change in product requirements. The MaxCap's heavy-duty solid rotor with quick-change hammers was designed for maximum sustained productivity. The Universal MaxCap provides for maximum capacity as a true primary impact crusher and delivers a high-quality, cubical product at a lower cost per ton.

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Raptor™— XL400 Cone Crusher

Excel Crusher Technologies announces its entry into the high-performance cone crusher market with the Raptor™ XL400. The new machine, first in a series of crushers from ECT, has 400 horsepower. The heavy-duty cone crusher is intended to compete in the aggregate and mining industries. The Raptor™ Cone Crusher will implement the latest technology in rock crusher design and automated crusher controls. The machine will be American made in Illinois with unmatched quality, workmanship and attention to detail. Plus the Raptor™ will be followed up by a commitment to extraordinary customer support and service.

ECT is a spin off of Excel Foundry & Machine that has been involved in the crusher and mining replacement parts industry for over 75 years. Excel has brought together experience and expertise in crusher design and technology to produce this advanced cone crusher. The design of the Raptor™ was customer driven and uses the latest in rock crusher design and technology. Raptor™ recently had its premiere installation at the Tilcon West Nyack Quarry in New York.

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Rock Systems Inc. has introduced a new line of hoppers with belt feeders designed to be fed by front-end loaders, excavators or dump trucks. Hopper storage capacities range from 8 tons to 50 tons and belt widths from 30 inches to 48 inches. Heavy-duty belt feeders with variable speed drives provide consistent flow from the hoppers. An optional heavy-duty, self-cleaning sloping grizzly is available to reject oversize materials.

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