Earthmoving Report: All-Wheel-Steer Bobcat A770

By Walt Moore, Editor | July 12, 2011

The latest addition to the Bobcat all-wheel-steer (AWS) range of skid steer loaders is the A770, a 92-horsepower, vertical-lift model with a rated operating capacity of 3,325 pounds. The new AWS model, which replaces the Bobcat A300, features a choice of steering modes—either conventional skid-steer operation or four-wheel coordinated operation—at the touch of a button in the cab.

The choice of steering modes, says Bobcat, allows the A770 to meet the needs of users requiring the minimal ground disturbance, reduced tire wear and faster travel speed of a small wheel loader, and also the maneuverability and versatility of a skid-steer loader. It has a turning-circle diameter of 12.6 feet in its AWS mode and 7.2 feet in skid-steer mode.

The A770 also provides generous loading dimensions, with 132 inches under the bucket hinge pin at full lift, coupled with a reach of 31.5 inches at that height. According to Bobcat, the patented “single-plane” design of the A770’s loader lift arms keeps linkage pins and connecting points all in the same plane, reducing side deflection of the loader linkage and consequently minimizing wear and extending service life.

The 9,460-pound loader uses a liquid cooled, Tier-3-compliant diesel engine matched with a standard two-speed drive system that provides forward travel speeds to 12.3 mph in high range. It reaches maximum torque at lower engine speeds to minimize stalling and to save fuel, says Bobcat; and the engine’s dual-path cooling system, designed to keep hot air away from the operator, features a swing-up oil cooler that facilitates cleaning between the cooler and the radiator.

The A770’s chain case is maintenance-free, featuring fixed axle tubes, fully sealed bearings, and heavy-duty chains that require no adjustment. The new model also features a “keel-shaped” undercarriage, designed to provide higher ground clearance and to shed debris to the outside—“much like a boat with a ‘V-shaped’ hull slices through water,” says Bobcat.

Model A770’s implement hydraulic system uses hydraulic pumps matched to cylinder size and loader lift capacity to provide fast cycles. Auxiliary hydraulics are standard, delivering 23.8 gpm at 3,500 psi, and quick couplers for the auxiliary system are solidly mounted directly to the front plate of the lift-arm assembly. Pushing the coupler inward releases oil through a return line, allowing quick, clean attachment changes. An optional high-flow system produces 36.5 gpm and allows use of heavy-duty work tools.

The A770 uses the Bobcat “cab-forward” design, which moves the operator closer to the work tool and enhances visibility to the bucket edge. In the cab, joystick controllers for drive/steer and implement control are standard, and an optional pressurized cab enclosure features new, more effective seals. An available deluxe instrumentation panel monitors key loader functions and features a keyless-start system that is password protected.

Available options for the unit include ride control, radio remote control (Selectable Joystick Control required), air-ride seat, hydraulic bucket positioning, sound-reduction package, and the Power Bob-Tach coupler.