E-Z Drill's Compact Concrete Drill

Staff | September 28, 2010

E-Z Drill's Model 65B on-grade concrete drill fits in a two-foot patch, is designed to replace electric hammer drills, and provides greater accuracy in small working areas.

Operating on a minimum of 20 cfm, the machine drills holes from 1/2- to 7/8-inch in diameter and can be adjusted to center on slabs as thick as 2 feet. It can drill to 8 inches deep in a 2-foot patch and to a depth of 12 inches in a 30-inch area. The drill weighs 65 pounds, allowing it to be easily loaded, unloaded and repositioned by a single operator. An optional vertical conversion kit increases the unit's versatility, allowing it to switch from horizontal to vertical drilling after a simple 20-minute installation.

Operators can change between different brands and sizes of bits quickly and easily with the quick-release bit guide. For simpler maintenance, replaceable drill carriages can be rapidly switched with basic tools, and quick coupler air fittings have been designed for easy repair. An internal regulator monitors pressure from the air compressor, preventing pressure levels that could cause breakage.

For operator safety, the drill carriage locks once the air supply is disconnected to keep the drill and bit in place. Additionally, the air hose coupler automatically locks the air supply hose onto the drill coupling rather than requiring it to be manually pinned.