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Dynapac Launches Light Equipment Lineup


Vibratory, Walk-Behind Rollers

Dynapac D.ONE roller compacts in a trench.

Dynapac announced a new range of light equipment, including compaction rammers, vibratory compaction plates, trench roller, mix spreader, and mini paver.


To protect the low-emissions Honda GXR120 four-stroke-cycle gas engine, Dynapac rammers (DR series) use multi-stage fuel and air filters. For operator comfort, rammers feature a vibration dampened handle.

Vibratory plates

Dynapac vibratory plates range from the compact, 130-pound, DFP6 forward model, to the 1,000-pound, reversible-plate DRP45. The new vibratory plate compactors are powered either by a Honda gas or Hatz diesel engine. Most recent additions to the line include the DFP9 forward plate and DRP15X and the DRP20 reversible plates. The vibratory plate lineup features a fully enclosed belt drive, Dynapac’s “all-around protection” hood, and open-style base construction (allowing debris to fall away) to reduce maintenance cost.

Trench roller

The D.ONE trench roller features radio-remote-control technology that allows for uninterrupted and long-range connectivity in inclement weather and adverse job-site conditions, says Dynapac. The D.ONE roller uses “directed vibration” technology, providing a choice of high or low amplitude vibration. Other features include an EcoMode, automatic vibration control, and a maintenance-free articulation joint. Drum extensions are built-in as standard, and a smooth drum is available as an option to expand the roller’s utility.

Mix spreader

The S100 walk behind, self-propelled mix spreader/paver can be used as chip spreader when moved forward and a paver when moved in reverse. Front and reverse drive functions and swivel castor wheels make the S100 easy to maneuver, says Dynapac, and avoid the need to physically push heavy loads. Designed for working widths from 10 inches to 40 inches and for material thicknesses up to 4 inches, the S100 can be used to pave asphalt mix and for spreading chips. The screed has a three-step, flow-regulation feature that allows controlling the amount of material placed. In addition, independently adjustable hydraulic cylinders help regulate the height of the mat to provide consistency, says Dynapac.

Mini paver

The  F80W ride-on, mini wheeled paver has a standard paving width of 31 to 51 inches and, according to Dynapac, is suited for patchwork, trench paving, bicycle paths, and golf-cart paths. The F80W features a propane gas heated screed, which can be hydraulically extended. Bolt-on extensions give the screed a maximum paving width of 65 inches.

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