Dynapac F800T Tracked Asphalt Paver

August 28, 2015
Dynapac F800T Tracked Asphalt Paver

The F800T tracked asphalt 10-foot paver has a Cummins Tier 4-Final engine. Dual, swing-out operator platforms combine with ergonomically designed control panels to allow the operator to focus on paving while looking for nearby workers.

The paver has the Dynapac feed control system, which eliminates material segregation and ensures continuous, uniform material flow by using four ultrasonic sensors and a thin center chain box auger system, the company says. The four sensors detect material heights and gaps to optimize both the auger and conveyor speed.

Augers have 17-inch diameter flights that eliminate centerline segregation, the company says. The paver also can be equipped with an optional, integrated hydraulic tunnel to eliminate material spillage toward the track and provide efficient material head.

The F800T has a Carlson EZIV08-15 front-mounted electrical screed that gives the operator an 8- to 19-foot working width and a mat as high as 1 foot. A 34-kilowatt, hydraulically driven generator heats the screed to eliminate sticking and maintains a frequency control at 60 hertz regardless of the load or speed of the engine, which allows users to connect night lighting accessories to the machine.