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Dynapac CC1400VI Roller


Combination Rollers, Smooth Drum & Tires

New Dynapac CC1400VI Roller
Dynapac-CC1400VI- Roller

Dynapac has extended its small asphalt roller range with the addition of the CC1400 VI in
the 9,480-pound class with a 54-inch drum width. With a clear line of sight to the drum
edges and a cross-mounted engine, says Dynapac, the new roller provides good visibility
for the operator and easy access to service points for the technician. Visibility is further
enhanced, says the company, by the design of the engine hood, by the sliding seat, and by
optional ROPS-mounted LED working lights.

The ample drum diameter ensures that asphalt is not shoveled in front of the drum, creating
transverse cracks. says Dynapac, and the design of the eccentrics provides optimum
performance in the vibration start-up process. The CC1400V has dual frequencies and
optional dual amplitudes, and an optional asphalt-temperature meter provides optimum
results, says the company. The new roller uses a Kubota engine meeting emissions
regulations for Europe and North America, and a 49-horsepower T4/V engine is available
with a diesel particle filter after-treatment system. For markets without the T4/V emission
regulations, a stage IIIA 47-horsepower engine available.

The new roller has a mechanical, adjustable, off-set function of the front frame (0-2 inches)
enabling compacting close to high curbs with less risk of machine damage, says Dynapac,
and this feature also increases the surface capacity in order to eliminate marks in the mat.
Front mounted single- or dual-edge presser and a rear-mounted chip spreader are optional
features. The new roller is available in a Combi-Version, having four static rubber wheels
at the rear.

The pressurized sprinkler system is designed to facilitate a smooth, reliable water flow,
says Dynapac, and increased water-tank volume allows up to 79.2 gallons. A water level
sensor alerts the operator when refilling is required. A three-stage filtration system
minimizes clogged sprinkler nozzles.

The operator’s platform is vibration-dampened, and controls follow the optional sliding
seat. Dual levers are optional, and functions for vibration on/off are incorporated into the
driving lever. The instrument panel incorporates a keypad buttons and a display, and a
heated seat is optional, as is a foldable canopy. Lifting/towing tie-down points are built
into in the forks.

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