Staff | September 28, 2010

Dynapac LT-Series rammerDynapac’s LT-Series rammers are designed for compaction chores in cohesive soils and, according to the manufacturer, provide excellent traction, easy handling, low noise and low vibration at the operator interface. Four new models are available — three use a four-stroke-cycle gasoline engine and one uses a diesel engine. Models LT5000 and LT6000, equipped with a Honda GX100 gas engine, have operating weights of 137 and 150 pounds and deliver impact forces of 2,985 and 3,330 pounds, respectively. The 170-pound LT7000 uses a Honda GX120 engine and generates an impact force of 4,200 pounds. The diesel-powered LT800 uses a 1B20 Hatz engine, has an operating weight of approximately 184 pounds, and delivers 5,040 pounds of force per blow.