DSC Dredge Wolverine Class Dredge


The Wolverine Class dredge is a compact dredge that is fully functional with just one operator. It can dig up to 25 feet below the surface and allows for maximum particle clearance of 6 inches. The dredge is 68 feet long and has a 10-inch discharge configuration. The hull of the Wolverine is constructed of three parts, the center which includes the engine and pump compartment and the two side tanks. The three sections are molded together to form a single piece hull. The dredge a 440-horsepower Caterpillar diesel engine that provides power to the dredge pump, cutter drive and hydraulic winches. The Wolverine comes standard with a Metso Minerals model J30 dredge pump and a service pump for flushing water to the dredge pump packing gland, sending water to the cutter drive bearings and for deck connections. The cutter head is designed with six smooth blades that are constructed of cast steel and are driven by a hydraulic motor which has variable speed capability and is reversible. The hydraulic pump is a three-section pump that provides service to the cutter head motor, swing winches, spud winches and ladder winch. The hydraulic system holds up to 100 gallons, is protected by relief valves and is equipped with replaceable inline filters.