Drone Fleet to Help Inspect Infrastructure



A federal innovation grant is helping the Wyoming Department of Transportation and Wyoming Highway Patrol launch a statewide drone program. The drones can also be used for bridge or other infrastructure inspections, according to the article. 

According to the article, most departments of transportation in the U.S. are also using drones to inspect dangerous infrastructure. Each mission flown by WYDOT or Highway Patrol must be approved before flight. All missions are also saved in case the Federal Aviation Administration needs the information. 

Departments of transportation in the U.S. are now using drones for infrastructure inspections. Some states have robust programs, according to the article, while others are just getting to know and starting to use the technology. Lt. Matt Brackin, the Highway Patrol’s first certified pilot, says his drone can fly in winds up to 26 mph, which is crucial for high altitude flying. His bigger drone has an FLIR--forward looking infrared--camera on it, which enables night vision flying. It can also carry up to five pounds.