Dressta North America

September 28, 2010

Dressta TD20M Extra crawler dozerThe 8.3-liter, Tier-3 Cummins in Dressta’s TD20M Extra crawler dozer delivers 240 net horsepower – an increase of 15 horsepower compared to the H model. An air-grid heater is standard equipment to aid cold-weather starting. The 52,140-pound machine’s new cooling module with hydraulically driven fan has replaceable sections including a charge-air cooler, transmission-oil cooler, radiator, and hydraulic-oil/fan-drive oil cooler. A single left-hand joystick replaces two steering levers and a gear-shift lever used on the H. “Great efforts have been made to eliminate or greatly reduce the need for . . . electronic systems,” Dressta says, “The TD20M Extra . . . with the exception of the engine, does not require a computer to diagnose problems.”