Doosan Severe-Duty Buckets for Crawler Excavators

January 8, 2016
Doosan Severe-Duty is a bucket for excavators

The Doosan line of severe-duty buckets for excavators is approved for use on the DX140LC-5 through DX530LC-5 crawler excavators.

They are available in a pin-on or wedge-lock style. The severe-duty bucket sizes range from 18-inches wide for the smaller DX140LC-5 to 72-inches wide for larger Doosan excavators, such as the DX530LC-5. Buckets are made with abrasive-resistant material for added protection and strength when digging in loose rock, or pit and quarry operations, the company says. The side cutters, shell bottom and side wear plates, and weld-on wear shroud, are made out of abrasive-resistant material. Reinforcing gussets also have been added to strengthen the machine-fitting joint on the bucket.

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