Doosan Portable Power G70WCU, G85WCU, G125WCU Generators

August 9, 2013

The Tier 4-Interim G70WCU, G85WCU, and G125WCU feature a cooling system with a variable speed cooling fan and an enclosure that includes deep air intake pockets that protect the generator from external elements and virtually eliminate water ingression, the company says.

Airflow routes engine heat without compromising sound attenuation, contributing to sound levels of 64 to 67 dBA, dependent upon the model. Redesigned from its predecessor Tier 3 model, the G70WCU delivers a 5 percent output increase at 77 kVA/62 kW, an 86 percent increase in runtime at 38 hours, and a 4 dBA reduction, operating at just 64 dBA. The G85 and G125 mark new power nodes for the lineup, delivering 97 kVA/77 kW and 128 kVA/102 kW respectively.