Doosan Heavy-Duty Ditching Buckets

April 16, 2015
Doosan Heavy-Duty Ditching Buckets

Heavy-duty ditching buckets are available on all Doosan crawler excavators, ranging from the DX140LC-3 through the DX530LC-5 models.

The buckets have the same profile but are wider than the standard Doosan digging buckets. Additionally, the heavy-duty ditching buckets do not have the internal center gussets found on some ditching buckets. This design gives a larger capacity than the current ditching bucket and allows for more material to be moved in one cycle of the excavator work group, Doosan says. Other standard features include a lift eye for lifting applications, weld-on side cutters, and a reversible bolt-on cutting edge to leave a smooth work area. Thirteen buckets are available as pin-on buckets or can be ordered to fit hydraulic or wedge-lock quick couplers.