Doosan DL300, DL350 Wheel Loaders Boost Lifting Capability

July 31, 2012

Tier 4-Interim upgrade delivers higher horsepower to the DL300 and DL350 wheel loaders than their predecessors, Doosan says. DL300 is now a 271-horsepower unit, up from 217, and the DL350 jumps to 271 from 232 horsepower. The DL300 has a 4.2-cubic-foot bucket, breakout force of 37,993 pounds, and full-turn tipping capacity of 28,572 pounds. Model DL350 has a 4.8-foot bucket, breakout force of 37,768 pounds, and tipping capacity of 31,118 pounds. Diesels use SCR with urea diesel exhaust fluid. Auto-idle feature reduces the working idle of the loader from 950 rpm to a standby idle of 750 rpm when the machine is inactive. Lifting performance has been improved with operators now able to set upper and lower limits for both the lift arm and bucket stop positions. Dump height for the DL300 is 9 feet 4 inches; 10 feet for the DL350. New automatic-reversing cooling fan uses less power to cool and clean the machine. The operator can reverse via a switch, or the fan can be set to automatically reverse at set times. Optional hydraulic locking front differential can be engaged from the cab or automatically to improve traction in tough terrain. Torque converter lockup clutch is also optional. Units are covered by Doosan’s 48-hour parts guarantee.

Doosan Wheel Loader Specifications


  • Horsepower: 271
  • Operating weight: 41,204 pounds
  • Bucket capacity: 4.2 cubic yards
  • Dump height: 9 feet 4 inches
  • Breakout force: 37,993 lb.-ft.
  • FTT capacity: 28,572 pounds


  • Horsepower: 271
  • Operating weight: 43,762 pounds
  • Bucket capacity: 4.8 cubic yards
  • Dump height: 10 feet
  • Breakout force: 37,798 lb.-ft.
  • FTT capacity: 31,118 pounds