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Dodge Construction Safety Report Highlights Technology


Construction safety.

Safety Management in the Construction Industry 2021 SmartMarket Report, the fifth in this series, shows how contractors and workers are adapting well-established principles of safety management to respond to the pandemic and are beginning to take advantage of increased access to real-time data. It reveals differences between large and small companies in their implementation of safety practices and the differences they experience in the benefits. The report also provides new data on the access to health and well-being programs to workers in the construction industry.

The report, available here, includes research as to how contractors are using data to improve safety. The report notes that technology such as wearable sensors, predictive analytics, and visual monitoring with artificial intelligence (AI) is used by a limited number of contractors. It also noted a high expectation among non-users to implement the tech in the “near future.”

Source: Dodge Data & Analytics


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