Ditch Witch Upgrades JT60 Directional Drills to Tier 4

October 27, 2016
Ditch Witch Upgrades JT60 Directional Drills to Tier 4

The 200-horsepower JT60 and JT60 all-terrain horizontal directional drills have been upgraded with Tier 4 Cummins engines. The drills have 60,000 pounds of thrust and 9,000 lb.-ft. of rotational torque.

The two-pipe drilling system combines simultaneous drilling and steering. The drills have an automated pipeloading system, with an optional new wireline platform available. Heavy-duty anchor systems provide stability during drilling and backreaming to use the machines’ full thrust capabilities.  

Upgrades to the fully enclosed cab provide operators with an excellent view of all drilling operations, and intuitive joystick controls for all drilling functions. Other enhancements include improved noise reduction technologies, new wireless remote for ground drive, and a dual-pivot frame for improved stabilization and faster project set-up times.