Ditch Witch Backreamers for Specialized Soil Conditions and Installations

July 11, 2016

Three backreamers are designed to aid underground work in specialized soil conditions and installations.

The Sandhog HD (heavy duty) is designed for sandy and soft soils; the triple-action backreamer combines aggressive cutting, mixing and packing for more efficient pullback on the job, the company says. It uses a barrel-shaped body to sculpt a true-to-size bore path. The Swab backreamer is specifically designed for rocky and hard soils, and enables direct pullback for Ditch Witch All Terrain HDD rigs. This model pre-cleans the bore path by efficiently utilizing fluid flow and the carbide hard surface. The EZ backreamer is for small-diameter installation jobs, and was designed for direct connection to the EZ connect assembly, allowing operators to quickly change out tooling. The model is equipped for use in soft to medium-hard soil conditions.