Your Exclusive Preview of Conexpo-Con/Agg 2008 Innovations

Sept. 28, 2010

Terraquip HX Crawler Dozers

The elevated drive and undercarriage configuration of two HX tractor dozers from Terraquip makes the 270-horsepower HX SD7 and 425-horsepower HX SD9 the first and only high-drive alternative to Caterpillar's dozers. The units are Cummins powered (QSM11 and QSX15, respectively), employing powershift transmissions and oil-cooled clutches. Operating weight of the HX SD7 is 59,500 pounds and the HX SD9 works at 106,925 pounds. Suggested retail prices are $350,000 and $575,000, respectively.  The tractors are manufactured in China by HX and distributed by Terraquip, headquartered in Toronto.

John Deere 313 and 315 Skid Steer Loaders

John Deere added the 313 and 315 — with rated operating capacities of 1,300 and 1,500 pounds — to its 300-Series skid steer family. Both are equipped with Deere's PowerTech 4024T 2.4-liter engine rated at 2,400 rpm. Heavy-duty drive chains never need adjusting. Deere prides itself on 360-degree visibility, pointing out that the operator can see the tires and ground around the machine with the boom in the rest position. The radial-lift boom allows the bucket to rest close to the machine, but it swings forward for more reach when raised to what Deere calls the work zone, 4 to 5 feet high. 

Bradco Magnum Wood Chipping Attachments

Bradco's Magnum Mulcher brush-cutter heads are available in five sizes ranging from 165 to 500 horsepower for skid-steers, loaders and excavators. The fixed-tooth cutter/mulcher head uses a patented hammer design. The attachments are configured to mount close to base machines with a low profile to improve operators' visibility to the work and balance the carrier for less damage to the site. The Bradco brand is owned by Paladin.

ACS Progressive EZLink Thumb

ACS moved the thumb-linkage pivot point to a bracket welded on the face of the machine stick eliminating the need for custom linkage designs for each machine model. The Progressive EZLink Thumb uses the same linkage for all machines in a carrier size range. The result is substantially decreased installation time (ACSestimates 3.5 to 4 hours), and better parts availability.

GOMACO Commander III

The Commander III machine, featuring GOMACO's G21 digital operating system, is designed for slipforming such structures as curbs and gutters, monolithic sidewalks, barrier walls, bridge parapets, irrigation canals, and 20-foot-wide slabs. Its All-Track-Steering system gives the machine added maneuverability, and its All-Track Positioning system (with each leg individually adjustable) provides more latitude for accommodating jobsite obstacles.

Intensus GR135 Motor Grader

Powered by a Tier-3-certified, 135-horsepower Cummins QSB5.9 diesel, the 11-metric-ton Intensus GR135 motor grader pushes a 12-foot moldboard. With an available ripper/scarifier, it can tackle big jobs, while retaining the agility to handle smaller work. The Chinese manufacturer offers a GPS grade-control system to improve grade precision.

Komatsu PC270LC-8 Crawler Excavator

The 66,500-pound PC270LC-8 excavator is improved with Komatsu's 187-horsepower SAA6D107E-1 engine. Komatsu says the multi-staged fuel injection is Tier-3 certified without sacrificing power. An improved-flow merge/divide valve and high-efficiency hydraulic components reduce pressure loss, and the new arm quick-return circuit reduces overall cycle times.

Ingersoll Rand Vibratory Plate Compactors

At 150 pounds, the BXR-60H reversible vibratory plate compactor offers 3,417 pounds of centrifugal force at 5,600 vibrations per minute. The BXR-200H weighs 518 pounds and provides 7,053 pounds centrifugal force at 4,200 vpm. Both are powered by Honda four-cycle gas engines with recoil start. The BXR-60H's 14×19-inch plate can cover 4,500 square feet per hour, compacting to a depth of 13 inches. With an 18x29-inch plate, the BXR-200H can cover 5,231 square feet/hour, compacting down to 18 inches.

Hypac C766D Tandem Roller

Along with fitting a Tier-3-certified 130-horsepower QSB 4.5 Cummins diesel, Bomag also completely redesigned the operator's station of its Hypac C766D tandem vibratory roller with a sliding and swiveling seat and direction/speed-control joystick with a thumb-tip vibration switch. The top of the infinitely variable vibration-frequency range is 4,000 vibrations per minute.All daily greasing requirements on the 24,300-pound Hypachave been eliminated. 

Ashland CS18-HD Towed Scraper

Weighing nearly 25,000 pounds, Ashland says its CS18-HD pull-type scraper is the heaviest-duty offering in the 18-cubic-yard class. The CS18-HD matches tractors with 325 or more horsepower, and transfers load to the tractor for improved traction. Lift cylinders are mounted higher to keep out of dirt and rocks. Its four 23.5×25 tires are set back from the bowl, allowing dirt to fall through to the ground without plugging. And the 16-inch-diameter, 7/8-inch-thick walled front pipe is elevated to allow a 22-inch clearance between the front section and the ground. 

Shindaiwa Simul-Phase Portable Generator

Shindaiwa Construction Products has patented what it calls Simul-Phase Technology, with an alternator that allows simultaneous use of dual-voltage single-phase and three-phase current from a mobile generator. Users will have 120- and 240-volt power for lights, air conditioners and electric tools, and at the same time supply three-phase 240/480-volt power for motors driving compressors, pumps, and such from the same generator. Simul-Phase will be introduced on the new kWiet Power model DGK25C, a 20-kilowatt generator, and the technology will eventually be rolled into the entire kWiet Power lineup from 20 to 120 kilowatts.

Vögele Vision 5200-2 Asphalt Pavers

Vögele will launch its next-generation asphalt pavers — theVision Series — in North America starting with the 10-foot, tracked Vision 5200-2 and the wheeled 5203-2. Flow gates are eliminated in favor of independent conveyor and auger drives. The pavers are powered by a 240-horsepower Cummins diesel. Three electric screeds will be available for these machines, including the Carlson EZ-III 1017 and EZ-IV 1019 screeds with front-mounted extensions and HR 500 E rear-mounted screed.

Allmand SIS 1250-Watt Lighting System

Allmand's SIS 1250 system combines fixture, lamp and ballast for greater illumination of outdoor sites. At 150,000 lumens (compared to 110,000 lumens with a standard 1,000-watt lamp), the system provides a 30-percent increase in light output and a 20-percent increase in area lit to one-half footcandle or higher. The 1250-watt lamps and ballasts are designed for use in Allmand's SHO parallel lamp fixture. They produce whiter light, with a color index number of 3954.

Wacker WL-Series Compact Wheel Loaders

Wacker enters the loader market with three articulated compact wheel loaders positioned as alternatives to skid-steers. The 3.3-ton WL 30 has a straight load capacity of 4,437 pounds and fully articulated tipping capacity of 3,647 pounds using a standard 0.59-cubic-yard bucket. The 2.75-ton WL 25 manages a fully articulated tipping capacity more than 2,950 pounds with a standard 0.46-cubic-yard bucket. The WL 18, weighing just under 2 tons, will lift 1,640 pounds at full articulation. Perkins power ranges from 25 to 48 horsepower. Wacker claims the loaders can perform the same tasks as higher-powered skid-steers at up to 30-percent fuel savings, and that they are faster on the jobsite, easier to transport and should have greater resale values.

Atlas Copco HB 10000 Hydraulic Breaker

Atlas Copco says its 11-ton HB 10000 hydraulic breaker will become not only the largest model in its breaker line, but also the largest and most powerful hydraulic breaker in the world and a major step toward a true alternativeto drilling and blasting. AutoControl adapts breaker frequency and power output to match operating conditions, reducing excess shock to the equipment; and PowerAdapt automatically shuts down the breaker if it receives excessive oil pressure from the carrier.

Pettibone T10056 Telehandler

Pettibone will stretch the capabilities of its T10056, adding 1,000 pounds of capacity to make it an 11,000-pound machine and six inches of vertical reach to a working height of 57 feet. The unit also features 70 inches of horizontal boom travel at every lift height, which allows operators to load and unload the forks more easily.

Case 1650L Crawler Dozer

A new single-lever control on Case's 1650L crawler dozer commands the PowerStat hydrostatic drive. The operator can also adjust the sensitivity of the steering and the forward/reverse modulation to match personal preference or application conditions. Drive motors deliver power independently to each track. A 144-horsepower, 6.7-liter Case Family IV diesel is connected to the hydrostatic pumps by a drive shaft, reducing machine vibration. Operating weight of the 1650L LGP is 37,578 pounds.

Terex Reedrill R30C HYDRA-TRAC Rock Drill

The Terex Reedrill R30C replaces the 345C with enhancements to the operators' station such as armchair joystick controls, hydraulic valves moved further away, improved visibility, pressurized cab, and standard automotive power outlet for cell-phone chargers or other portable electrical devices. The boom extension is 5 feet longer, and the RC30's pattern coverage is more than twice that of the 345C. Terex Reedrill's SmartDrill drilling system uses anti-jam, anti-plug and anti-plunge features to lengthen drill-string life and increase production. The R30C is powered by Caterpillar's Tier-3-certified C-9 diesel rated at 300 horsepower.

Caterpillar 992K Wheel Loader

The Caterpillar 992K wheel loader is a 21-ton-capacity loader matched to Cat's 777 and 775 trucks. The 801-horsepower C32 ACERT engine delivers more power and improved fuel efficiency than the 3508B used in the 992G. Cat exclusive sleeve bearing pins eliminate the need for daily greasing of the front linkage. Electronically controlled lift and bucket tilt detents can be set from the operator seat. Rearview camera is optional.

Wirtgen W 120 F Milling Machine

Wirtgen will replace the W 1200 F/T milling machine with its new W 120 F — what the company says is the first 1-m to 1.30-m front loader in North America with a 4-foot drum. The W 120 F can be equipped with Wirtgen's Flexible Cutter System (FCS) and the new Wirtgen Level Pro leveling system.

JCB Robot 180 Skid Steer

The Robot 180 is JCB's first 1,800-pound-capacity skid-steer. The 60-horsepower loader weighs 5,445 pounds. New multi-function controls built into the servo levers offer control of auxiliary hydraulics. A Series-II cab expands the operator's view to the work area, and the door hinge (JCB remains the only skid-steer with a side door for operator access) has been moved to the cab's B pillar. The left-hand servo pod of the mini-excavator-style seat lifts up to enlarge the entry.

Sermac America 5TR62 Concrete Pump

Sermac’s 5TR62 concrete pump nets out at a theoretical maximum output of 195 cubic yards per hour with a 9-inch concrete cylinder, nearly 79-inch stroke and 5-inch pipe to the boom tip. 0020A 5TR62 owner, Pepi Cancio, Jr., president of C&C Concrete Pumping in Miami, says the Sermac pump is productive at low idle, saving fuel and equipment wear. The five-section, 62-meter boom offers more than 200 feet of vertical reach and 184 ½ feet of horizontal outreach.

Power Curbers 5700-C Curb and Gutter Paver

Power Curbers added the option for pouring on the right side as well as the left side of the 5700-C curb and gutter machine. The new swivel chute allows the operator to line up the concrete truck directly in front of the machine for pours in single traffic lanes or other tight spots. Power Curbers says its Smart AMP system offers the simplicity of analog and features of digital controls, offering greater flexibility for adjusting sensitivity. Screens on the operator’s panel help the operator determine cord, sensor, or amplifier problems and adjust accordingly.

Fintec 1440 Mobile Crusher

Fintec, now a division of Sandvik, will celebrate the U.S. debut of its 1440 track-mounted impact crusher at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2008. Model 1440’s Cat C-13 diesel powers a Sandvik PR301D impactor with a fluid clutch drive. It is a four-hammer open-style rotor with a pair of hydraulically adjustable impact curtains. The 109,790-pound machine is 50 feet long in transport configuration, making it transportable in a single load.

Screen USA Box 810 Portable Screen

With a 10-foot-wide by 8-foot-long shaker screen, Screen USA’s Box 810 portable screening plant is larger than many competitors. While the size is not totally unique, the company claims its Box 810 will distinguish itself with a price tag less than half that of other, comparably sized box screeners.

Hamm VV-Series Tandem Roller

Hamm’s all-new line of small compactors will be featured, including the HD 8 VV, with a drum width of 31 ½ inches; the 39-inch HD 10 VV and the slightly smaller HD 10 C VV; the 47-inch HD 12 VV; the 51-inch HD 13 VV; and the 54-inch HD 14 VV. Each offers a wider compaction width when operated in offset mode. VV stands for “Vibration Front, Vibration Rear”, in which both drums offer vibration, with the capability of vibration running in the front drum only, in the rear drum only, in both drums, or no vibration.

Ammbusher DL-66 Rotary Brush Cutter

Ammbusher developed the DL-66 rotary brush cutter for skid steers with 66-inch cut width using a direct-drive gear motor to turn a steel carrier mounted with four 12-inch blades. With an A-36-steel housing and replaceable AR400 skid shoes, the DL-66 weighs 1,900 pounds. The front push bar, hinged and spring-loaded door, and chain curtain are all standard. The DL-66 will cut and mulch trees or brush up to 6 inches in diameter. Suitable loaders must produce auxiliary hydraulic flow of 22 to 40 gallons per minute.

MB Crusher BF-Series Crusher Buckets

Building on the acceptance of its BF 90.3 bucket designed with a jaw crusher in the bottom, MB Crusher expands its bucket/crusher concept with new models in three sizes. The BF60.1 weighs 3,300 pounds and is recommended for excavators 8 metric tons. Material can be crushed to sizes from less than an inch to 4 inches. The BF70.2 is a .65-cubic-yard bucket that weighs 4,950 pounds, and is recommended for 12-metric-ton excavators. The BF120.4 is a 1 ¼-cubic-yard bucket that weighs 10,780 pounds and is recommended for 28-metric-ton excavators. Jaw crushers in both the BF70.2 and BF120.4 can size material between .8 inch and 4.8 inches.

Fontaine Renegade LXL Lowbed Trailer

Fontaine Trailer claims its new LXL Lowbed can carry bigger equipment safely to the jobsite with “the lowest standard deck height in the industry,” at 14 inches, allowing five inches of ground clearance. Standard equipment includes 100-ksi-minimum-yield steel main beam flanges with 50,000-pound webs, fifth-wheel guide rollers on the gooseneck, aluminum fenders on the gooseneck, 28 bent D-Ring lash rings, flag holders, stainless-steel bumper insert, seven LED marker lights per side, and nine LED lights on the rear.

Pulltarps Automatic Rear Closer

The Automatic Rear Closer for Pulltarps’ Super Slider cable-type truck tarping systems holds the tarp up above the load as the tarp travels the length of the bed. The Closer’s arms automatically pull the tarp down tight at the tailgate to seal off the load. The Automatic Rear Closer eliminates the rear flap and the need to climb up on the tailgate to fasten it. It is an option on all of Pulltarps’ Super Slider cable systems. 

Godwin HL110M Water Pump

The Godwin Dri-Prime HL110M 4-inch by 3-inch Dri-Prime pump is an automatically self-priming, single-stage pump engineered for pumping under extreme high pressure discharge conditions or high discharge lift applications. It generates flow rates up to 500 gallons per minute, total dynamic heads up to 615 feet, and handles solids up to 0.787 inch in diameter. Like all Godwin pumps, the HL110M pump includes the Dri-Prime air ejector priming system for fully automatic priming up to 28' (8.5 m) of static suction lift.

Rayco C100 Wood Chipper

Now with a 96-horsepower Kubota turbo diesel, Rayco’s C100 land clearer pushes 39 gallons of hydraulic flow per minute at 5,500 pounds per square inch. Rayco says its forestry cooling package allows the C100 to run unlimited hours in any temperature without overheating. Sixteen-inch steel track is installed on the undercarriage for traction in most types of terrain. The unit is heated and air conditioned.

ITS JA90-350 Jackhammer Lift Assist

The JA90-350 Jackhammer Lift Assist is a pneumatic cylinder designed to assist operators lifting a jackhammer out of a cut, reducing the risk of back injuries. ITS says the aluminum body of the auxiliary cylinder fits 90 percent of the four-bolt, two-spring jackhammers on the market, and adds 9 pounds to the hammer’s weight. Lift Assist shares the air plumbed to the hammer, and provides about 350 pounds of lifting force.

Deere 9- and 13.5-Liter Diesel Engines

John Deere added the PowerTech E 9.0L and PowerTech 9.0L and 13.5L engines to its lineup of generator-set engines in order to give buyers more power without cooled exhaust gas recirculation or variable geometry turbochargers. The PowerTech E 9.0L and PowerTech 13.5L engines feature full-authority electronic engine controls and fixed-geometry turbochargers. The PowerTech E 9.0L has a high-pressure common-rail fuel system, and the PowerTech 13.5L delivers fuel with electronic unit injectors. These technologies offer improved cold-start performance, precise engine-speed control, engine monitoring and torque-curve shaping.

Bair Larry Lugs

Larry Lugs are heavy-duty composite lugs that bolt in place of worn or lost drive lugs on Caterpillar or ASV rubber track for compact track loaders. Bair claims Larry Lugs are stronger than the original rubber lugs and that they can be removed when the rubber belt wears out and reused on other tracks. Bair also offers a lifetime warranty on the wear of its aluminum-alloy wheels designed to replace idlers and bogey wheels in these rubber-track systems. And the company sells hydraulic track tensioners to replace the track systems’ jack screws.

Tifco HydraTest Hydraulic Test Kit

Tifco’s HydraTest Accumulator Test Kit will perform the four basic pressure tests on more than 80 different brands of mobile hydraulic equipment as well as bleed off or add nitrogen to most accumulators. Both the hydraulic-pressure and nitrogen-accumulator testing are accomplished by using a series of conversion adapters developed by Tifco Industries.

DPL Titan Vehicle Monitoring System

DPL America’s Titan Equipment Monitoring System and Skyhawk Vehicle Tracking System have been upgraded with CAN Bus integration capability. Added to trucks or equipment with CAN Bus electronics, the systems enable complete remote diagnostics. Managers will receive fault codes, fuel consumption data, dashboard alerts, temperature and pressure information, utilization and performance metrics via the Internet. The systems automatically report oil changes – time stamped, along with location information – and will schedule the next service automatically. Mangers can also remotely start their assets or have them start at designated times.

Command Alkon Wireless Loader Dispatcher

The Wireless Loader program displays in the loader cab, now on touch-screen PC, all of the vehicles in the plant that require loading. The loader operator can interact with the display to indicate when a vehicle is loaded. Command Alkon replaced the radio-frequency modem used to exchange information between the loader and scale house or plant manager with a wireless Ethernet connection.