Sneak Peek II: Conexpo-Con/Agg '08

Sept. 28, 2010

AlturnaMats Ground Protection Mats

AlturnaMats Ground Protection Mats virtually eliminate ruts left by heavy equipment crossing soft terrain, and they can prevent vehicles being mired in mud. The mats are made of ½-inch-thick polyethylene with a bold diamond-plate tread design for traction. The mats are available in sizes ranging up to 4×8 feet and are guaranteed for six years.

JCB Telehandlers

JCB's new high-boom Loadall telehandlers were designed specifically for North America and include four models. Three replace existing machines: 506-36 replaces the 506C; 507-42 replaces 506CHL; 509-42 replaces 508C. Model 510-56 is a new machine, with a working height of 56 feet. The new range has larger cabs, side-mounted Tier III-compliant engines, servo hydraulic control lever, and rear-axle stabilization (except on the smallest models). Power trainis JCB's, including the DieselMax engines, transmission and axles.

Weber SRV 620 Rammer

Weber Machine aims to improve the life and reliability of the Honda GX 100 four-stroke gas engine in its SRV 620 rammer with cyclonic air filtration on the intake and a low-oil warning. The German manufacturer says the SRV 620's redesigned guide bar reduces operator hand and arm vibrations and, combined with a narrower frame and lower center of gravity, improves the tamper's handling. The 136-pound unit develops 3,450 pounds of centrifugal force and can deliver 700 bpm.

Fontaine Renegade LXL Low-Bed Trailer

Fontaine Trailer claims its LXL Lowbed can carry bigger equipment safely to the jobsite with "the lowest standard deck height in the industry," at 14 inches, allowing five inches of ground clearance. Standard equipment includes 100-ksi-minimum-yield steel main beam flanges with 50,000-pound webs, fifth-wheel guide rollers on the gooseneck, aluminum fenders on the gooseneck, 28 bent D-Ring lash rings, flag holders, stainless-steel bumper insert, seven LED marker lights per side, and nine LED lights on the rear.

Dynapac Tandem Roller

Dynapac uses two hydraulic pumps in the CC524 tandem vibratory roller to drive the vibration system, eliminating the need for a vibration valve, making the system more efficient, simplifying service, and reducing fuel consumption. The optional Dynapac Compaction Analyzer for Asphalt (DCA-A) can display the pass count and asphalt temperature in real-time on the operator's screen, and records the rolling process where and when it takes place with the help of a GPS locator. A Cummins QSB 4.5 turbo diesel engine powers the CC524 at either 125 or 150 horsepower.

Snorkel SR3084SL Articulated Boom

After a $10-million investment in Snorkel's plant in Elwood, Kan., new owners, The Tanfield Group, will begin rebranding several UpRight lifts (UpRight is another Tanfield holding) and moving production to Elwood. For example, the Snorkel SR3084SL (formerly UpRight's model SL30SL) raises a 68×167-inch platform and as much as 1,300 pounds of load 30 feet high. Automatic platform leveling allows the lift to work from uneven terrain.

Rayco C100 Wood Chipper

Now with a 96-horsepower Kubota turbo diesel, Rayco's C100 land clearer pushes 39 gallons of hydraulic flow per minute at 5,500 pounds per square inch. Rayco says its forestry cooling package allows the C100 to run unlimited hours in any temperature without overheating. Sixteen-inch steel track is installed on the undercarriage for traction in most types of terrain. The cab is heated and air conditioned.

Sermac America 5TR62 Concrete Pump

Sermac's 5TR62 concrete pump nets out at a theoretical maximum output of 195 cubic yards per hour with a 9-inch concrete cylinder, nearly 79-inch stroke, and 5-inch pipe to the boom tip. The 5TR62 owner, Pepi Cancio Jr., president of C&C Concrete Pumping in Miami, says the Sermac pump is productive at low idle, saving fuel and equipment wear. The five-section, 62-meter boom offers more than 200 feet of vertical reach and 184½ feet of horizontal outreach.

Okada OSG Series Rotating Grapples

Okada America redesigned its OSG rotating grapple line to accept hammer tops, making what was a made-to-order attachment standard equipment. With 360 degrees of rotation and driven by an extremely powerful motor, the OSG Grapple is capable of effortlessly handling heavy material that ranges from wood to scrap steel. Four OSG models are available for excavator sizes ranging from 6 to more than 45 tons, with 360 degrees of hydraulic rotation and maximum jaw openings up to nearly 10 feet.

DPL Titan Vehicle Monitoring System

DPL America's Titan Equipment Monitoring System and Skyhawk Vehicle Tracking System have been upgraded with CAN Bus integration capability. Added to trucks or equipment with CAN Bus electronics, the systems enable remote diagnostics. Managers will receive fault codes, fuel consumption data, dashboard alerts, temperature/pressure information, utilization and performance metrics via the Internet. Mangers can also remotely start their assets or have them start at designated times.

Vactor HXX Prodigy Vacuum Excavator

Vactor's HXX Prodigy blasts soil away with 1,500- to 2,500-pound-per-square-inch jets of water at 10 to 20 gallons per minute. The push of a button adjusts water pressure from the variable-pressure triplex pump. Prodigy's optional above-deck compressor equips it for dry, air-excavation digging. It does not use a holding tank, eliminating the wait time to build pressure. Prodigy carries up to 600 gallons of water, allowing for 3½ hours of continuous operation between refills, and 6 cubic yards of debris.

Deere 9- and 13.5-Liter Diesel Engines

John Deere added the PowerTech E 9.0L and 13.5L diesel engines to its engine lineup in order to give buyers large-displacement, Tier-3-certified engines without cooled exhaust gas recirculation or variable geometry turbochargers. The E 9.0L has a high-pressure common-rail fuel system and the 13.5L utilizes electronic unit injectors, giving them both improved cold-start performance, precise engine-speed control, engine monitoring and torque-curve shaping.

TT Technologies Grundoram Apollo Pipe Rammer

TT Technologies claims its Grundoram Apollo, at 32 inches in diameter, is the world's largest pneumatic pipe rammer. The Apollo is designed for installing steel casing from 56 to 122 inches in diameter, with larger diameters possible, at lengths up to 200 feet. The Apollo is 174 inches long and delivers 30,000 foot-pounds of impact energy at 180 strokes per minute. Standard ramming accessories are available for 60-, 72-, 80- and 84-inch-diameter pipe.

Rubblemaster RM100 Mobile Crusher

Rubblemaster added automatic feed control to its compact, mobile crusher line with introduction of the RM100. Designed for simplicity of transport, the unit has a folding conveyor and weighs about 61,000 pounds. The inlet opens 38×28 inches wide on an impact crusher with either two or four hammers. Powered by a 243-horsepower diesel and driven by a diesel/electric drive train, it can produce 242 tons per hour.

Pulltarps Automatic Rear Closer

The Automatic Rear Closer for Pulltarps' Super Slider cable-type truck tarping systems holds the tarp up above the load as the tarp travels the length of the bed. The Closer's arms automatically pull the tarp down tight at the tailgate to seal off the load. The Automatic Rear Closer eliminates the rear flap and the need to climb up on the tailgate to fasten it. It is an option on all of Pulltarps' Super Slider cable systems.

Godwin HL110M Water Pump

The Godwin Dri-Prime HL110M 4×3-inch Dri-Prime pump is an automatically self-priming, single-stage pump engineered for pumping under extreme high pressure discharge conditions or high discharge lift applications. It generates flow rates up to 500 gallons per minute, total dynamic heads up to 615 feet, and handles solids up to 0.787 inch in diameter. Like all Godwin pumps, the HL110M pump includes the Dri-Prime air ejector priming system for fully automatic priming up to 28′(8.5 m) of static suction lift.