New Scraper-Pulling Brutes from Deere

Sept. 28, 2010

John Deere's new 9030 Series Scraper Specials use a three-section frame, provide 15 degrees of oscillation at the articulation joint and are fitted with a 350-gallon fuel tank.

John Deere's new 9030 Series scraper-pulling tractors (models 9430, 9530, and 9630) provide horsepower ratings of 425, 475 and 530, respectively, and net peak-torque ratings of 1,497, 1,671 and 1,848 pounds-feet, respectively, at 1,600 rpm. Each is powered by a Tier-3-compliant, 13.5-liter John Deere PowerTech Plus engine that produces a 38-percent torque rise at 1,800 rpm and features four valves per cylinder, exhaust gas recirculation and variable-geometry turbocharging. Without ballast, these three new brutes weigh in at about 35,500, 36,100 and 37,300 pounds, respectively, but can range from 44,000 to 50,000 pounds when fully ballasted with optional wheel weights and frame weights.

Engine efficiency is enhanced, says Deere, with a new cooling package, which includes the patented Vari-Cool fan drive — a mechanical-type fan that runs only at the speed necessary to meet cooling requirements. Cooling air also is expelled up and away from the hood — and away from the ground — to provide less airflow disturbance at the ground and, subsequently, less dust.

Drive-train power flow is through an 18F/6R powershift transmission, which, says Deere, is "designed with enhanced, event-based shifting logic to provide best-in-class shift quality and to accommodate increased power levels." The new models provide transport speeds of up to 25 mph. Final-drive configuration is inboard planetary for the 9430 and double-reduction inboard planetary for the two larger models. All models use wet-disc brakes, and the axle-lubrication system employs pressurized oil that is cooled and filtered. Standard tires are eight metric flotation (710/70 R38) types, each having an approximate width of 28 inches and a section height of 19.5 inches. Optional tires are four super-wide single types.

These "Scraper Specials," as Deere calls them, differ from their conventional counterparts by incorporating reinforced frames, front and rear axle supports, heavy-duty axles, larger articulation pins and bearings (two 7-inch tapered rollers), a heavy-duty drawbar support, and a 350-gallon fuel tank. The Scraper Specials are equipped with a pressure- and flow-compensated hydraulic system that has a rated standard-pump output of 48 gpm. An optional high-flow hydraulic system provides 75 gpm. Both systems operate at 2,900 psi and have four standard remote-located control valves.

The 9030 Series models also use Deere's AutoLoad system, which, when used with Deere scrapers, automates the scraper's hydraulic lift functions during the loading cycle. Once activated, the system automatically adjusts the scraper's cutting-edge height based on draft loads, wheel slippage and soil conditions. The system is activated by the finger-tip-controlled Selective Control Valve, which also allows the operator to override the system and to control the scraper manually. A TouchSet hydraulic control permits the operator to customize transport height and dump height, and the scraper returns to these preset positions at the touch of the control.

In the cab of 9030 Series models, an ActiveSeat communicates with the tractor 200 times per second to remove as much as 90 percent of vertical input for a smoother ride. Also in the cab, the CommandARM console allows finger-tip control of most functions, and an illuminated corner-post display places pertinent information in a convenient spot for the operator.