Sennebogen 6103E Telescoping Boom Crane

Feb. 7, 2022

The 6103E Sennebogen crawler crane has a capacity of 100 metric tons and a has a telescopic boom that extends to 153 feet using a five-section pin boom (see video below). The model fills a gap in the company’s range of telescoping boom crawler cranes.

The telescopic crawler crane is powered by a Cummins Stage V B6.7 FR95885 diesel rated at 225 horsepower at 2,200 rpm. Track width is 14 feet, and the crane can work at inclines up to 4 degrees with high load capacities, according to the company. In pick-and-carry applications, the crane can lift 100 percent load.

The standard cab can tilt 20 degrees as standard. An optional radio remote control is available.

The crane can be transported completely in one piece, as removing the ballast achieves a transport weight of around 134,400 pounds and a width of about 11 feet. Removing the crawler tracks gives the crane at weight of weighs less than 88,000 pounds.